Truck Stop: Schmear It

Posted: February 07, 2014


What to eat: Most popular menu items are the Loxsmith (cream cheese, chopped lox, scallions, tomatoes and cucumbers, recommended on an everything bagel) and the Stuffed French Toast (cream cheese, strawberries, bananas, walnuts, cinnamon and maple syrup on a French toast bagel). Both were scarfed in nanoseconds by our taste-testers.

Wait, there's more: Other sweet or savory combos also intrigued, like the Monster Miler (peanut butter, bananas and granola, recommended on a blueberry bagel) and the Philly Roll (cream cheese, chopped lox, cucumbers, wasabi and a splash of soy sauce, recommended on a sesame bagel). Scoop size is generous. When one taster bit into his custom bagelwich, the whitefish squirted out the sides, "which is good."

How it works: Order off the menu or craft your own bagelwich. Ordering is a three-step process: 1. Pick your bagel (anything from an everything bagel to a gluten-free one). 2. Pick your "schmear," (including traditional spreads like cream cheese but also peanut butter, Nutella and hummus). 3. Pick your "schmear in" (from lox and scallions to Sriracha, chocolate chips, walnuts and maple syrup).

How much? $4 to $9, depending on Schmear and Schmear In choices. Our opinion: Worth the cost.

Social stuff:, 215-792-3892. Also Facebook, Twitter (@schmearit).

Find it: Check the website to be sure you'll find it: Tuesdays at The Porch at 30th Street Station (7:30 a.m.- 2 p.m.); Wednesdays at LOVE Park (7 a.m.-2:30 p.m..); Thursdays at Navy Yard Crescent Park (7:30-11 a.m.); Fridays at LOVE Park (7-10:30 a.m.) and 417 N. 8th St. (11:30 a.m.-2 p.m.).

Backstory: Owner Dave Fine, 24, describes it as "Philly's first and only food truck serving bagels with your personalized, custom-crafted schmears AND social good." Fine is a proud "social entrepreneur." Every two weeks or so, he promotes a different local charity, via a poster on his truck and info on his website, and donates a portion of sales to the cause.

Bonus: Locally roasted La Colombe coffee to go with your bagel. Yum.

An exploration of mobile food operations, as relayed this week by Daily News columnist Ronnie Polaneczky, who enjoys the veggie schmear on a poppy-seed bagel.