In Glouco prosecutor office, like father like son

Steven Salvati has the job once held by his father, Frank.
Steven Salvati has the job once held by his father, Frank.
Posted: February 09, 2014

WOODBURY Steven Salvati's new office in the Gloucester County Prosecutor's Office in Woodbury is bare, but it's got a certain air of familiarity.

Salvati remembers when his father occupied the space and the caricature of his father, Frank, that decorated a wall.

The 27-year-old Steven Salvati was named the county's newest assistant prosecutor last week - the department's 20th. It's a position his father, too, once held.

Frank Salvati was an assistant prosecutor with the county for more than a decade, until 1997, and is now retired. He remembered taking his two sons - the other, Michael, is now a civil attorney at a Philadelphia firm - to work on the weekends.

One time, the elder Salvati brought Steven to court on a bring-your-child-to-work day.

"The judge let him sit up at the counsel table, and he was all excited," Frank Salvati said.

"I'm really proud," the father said of his son's new position.

A 2011 Villanova University School of Law graduate, Salvati will first be assigned to the juvenile division.

In August, he completed a one-year clerkship under Superior Court Judge Timothy G. Farrell in Salem. That followed a clerkship with Alterman & Associates.

"This was my No. 1 choice," the Glassboro resident said in his office Thursday. "I feel like I can give back to my own community."

Steven Salvati began his undergraduate studies, also at Villanova, in computer science. He later become a history major, then set his eyes on law school.

Did his father's work influence him?

"Subconsciously," Salvati said. "He never actually pushed us to be lawyers."

When Salvati arrived at work, he added, many people instantly recognized his surname.

"I understand from the people I work with," Salvati added, "I have big shoes to fill."



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