50- to 100-year sentence in rape and beating of two children

Posted: February 09, 2014

PHILADELPHIA Calling the conduct "unspeakable sexual depravity and brutality," a Philadelphia judge Friday sentenced a Hunting Park man to 50 to 100 years in prison for raping and severely beating a 3-year-old girl and a 2-year-old boy, both the children of his girlfriends.

The case of Julio Esquilin, 25, was described as "the worst I've ever seen" by prosecutor James Carpenter, chief of the District Attorney's Office's Family Violence and Sexual Assault Unit.

Carpenter said sexual offenders who assault toddlers are rare, and rarer still are those who also beat their victims. "We are dealing with someone sexually aroused by the screams of children," Carpenter told Common Pleas Court Judge Denis P. Cohen.

Carpenter and defense attorney Derrick W. Coker agreed that Esquilin is seriously mentally disturbed, likely because of his own repeated sexual abuse as a child.

Coker argued that Esquilin's childhood sex victimization should mitigate his sentence and asked for 32 to 64 years.

Cohen, however, agreed with Carpenter that if free, Esquilin would attack other toddlers.

"These things don't go away," Carpenter argued. "This is who he is."

"The need to protect the community is absolutely overwhelming," said Cohen, who imposed consecutive 25- to 50-year terms - one for each victim.

Cohen told Esquilin "it's a miracle that both of these young children are still alive."

The victims were the children of two women Esquilin was dating simultaneously in 2011. The attacks happened in the victims' homes. In each case, Esquilin had been babysitting the toddlers.

Carpenter said that three days before he raped the girl, Esquilin kicked and punched her, knocking out four teeth.

Then on Sept. 23, Esquilin repeatedly raped the child, the prosecutor said, causing severe internal damage. The girl was punched in the abdomen so hard her internal organs were pushed against her spine, cutting her liver and spleen, puncturing a lung, and bruising the pancreas.

Carpenter said the girl was unconscious when she was taken to a hospital. She was there 21 days, 13 in intensive care.

Then on Oct. 20, Esquilin raped and pummeled into a coma the son of his other girlfriend.

"It's like he knew he was going to prison and wanted one last victim," Carpenter said.

Esquilin was incriminated by his sperm on both victims and their clothing. The mothers were charged with child endangerment. Both pleaded guilty and were sentenced to a year in prison, Carpenter said.

The boy now lives out of state with his father and an aunt. Carpenter said he has made major strides and attends school but brain damage has partly paralyzed his right side and impaired his vision.

The girl made a "miraculous physical recovery," but recalls what happened and is emotionally scarred.

"She still wakes up screaming at night," Carpenter added.

Esquilin, who claims to have multiple personalities, said nothing before sentencing. His only apparent reaction was to close his eyes and shake his head side to side as if disagreeing with Carpenter's recitation of the crimes.

Esquilin told the judge he would appeal the Nov. 5 jury verdict and Friday's sentence.

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