Hollywood terrible tweets about Shirley Temple Black

Bruce Jenner , seen in September, had some Adam's apple surgery, but is that all he had, and was it all for some greater purpose?
Bruce Jenner , seen in September, had some Adam's apple surgery, but is that all he had, and was it all for some greater purpose?
Posted: February 13, 2014

WHEN the world loses one of its most shining stars, a role model, trailblazer and icon, you can count on Hollywood to create some fairly terrible (and certainly grammar-free) Twitter posts about the person who's just passed.

Celebrity social media didn't let us down when it came to commenting on the legacy left by Depression-era child actor-turned-international diplomat and overall do-good great-grandmother Shirley Temple Black, who died Monday night at age 85, at her home in San Francisco. No cause of death was given.

There were tweets citing what seems to be the long-ago child actor's most remembered performance.

"The Good Ship Lollypop [sic] has sailed today with Shirley Temple aboard a true 1 of a kind. If you don't know her . . . google or YouTube her. R.I.P." tweeted Whoopi Goldberg.

"Rest in peace, Shirley Temple Black," typed typically on-the-mark Joan Rivers, "I know that you're sailing up and away on the Good Ship Lollipop."


Possibly worse? Self-referential statements sharing how the loss reminded stars of, well, themselves.

"I loved her so much," tweeted Rose McGowan. "I've seen every movie of hers, I own her scrapbooks& have 3 dolls . . . "

Real Housewife Caroline Manzo chimed in, "RIP Shirley Temple. She was a huge part of my childhood, I would sit for hours watching her every weekend."

Can somebody get a semicolon up in here?

But not everyone was able to look inward only.

Actor Virginia Madsen removed her ego and omitted any reference to animal crackers or any confectionery whatsoever to make a larger point. "Oh my goodness . . . A child star who grew into a representative for all women."

Representing women?

Bruce Jenner popped up in public for the first time since his recent Adam's apple surgery. The Olympic decathlete said the procedure - which is more officially called a laryngeal shave (ouch!) - was all part of his longtime dislike for his own neck.

"I just didn't like my trachea," said the estranged husband of Kris (Kardashian) Jenner. Thing is, this latest operation for the onetime Wheaties box guy is furthering speculators to, well, further speculate if it's all part of a much-rumored gender reassignment.

As usual, the guessers were missing the point. Temporary Tattle's no plastic surgeon or even a licensed hairstylist, but a quick gander at a before and after reveals Jenner might also have increased the population around his hairline, too. Now that's news.


Heidi Klum is 40. Heidi Klum has four children. Heidi Klum models, produces, hosts and judges "Project Runway." (She also designs menswear, paints and does loads of charitable work.)

Heidi Klum still has time to fool around with 27-year-old Vito Schnabel, an art dealer and curator who's better known for being the 1.) son of famous artist and director Julian Schnabel, and 2.) former boyfriend of Demi Moore.

The pair were, how you say, recently canoodling at an L.A. club.


David Cassidy's  wife of 23 years (and partner of 28 years) has filed for divorce.  Sue Cassidy didn't cite a reason. David's been in rehab for a while now.

*   Babyface is engaged to his longtime squeeze and former backup dancer,  Nicole PantenburgThe beyond-smooth singer-songwriter announced the future hitching during an interview with  Toni Braxtonon BET.

*   Owen Wilson  revealed the first name of his second son. It's . . . Finn. Wilson's no longer with Finn's mom, a personal trainer. Nor is he with the mother of his 2-year-old.

As if you didn't notice,  Bob Costas  didn't show up to work yesterday. His eye infection is getting worse, not better.

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