Hospital report: Teen's testicle wasn't ruptured

Posted: February 14, 2014

A MEDICAL REPORT contradicts a teenager's initial claim that one of his testicles was ruptured during an altercation with a female police officer last month.

The District Attorney's Office has launched a grand-jury probe into the incident, in which the cop is alleged to have violently grabbed the boy, Police Commissioner Charles Ramsey said yesterday.

"Let's just say that the severity of the injury being alleged to the media is inaccurate," Ramsey said, adding that "no one [in the department] has spoken to the young man, his lawyer or his mother."

Ramsey said the probe was sparked after the department received the medical report saying that Darrin Manning's testicle was not ruptured during the incident. A copy of the report was obtained by the Daily News.

Manning's mother had told news organizations that the testicle was ruptured and that his ability to father children had been affected.

"What they are alleging took place in terms of the injury itself is inconsistent with records," Ramsey said. "It doesn't show that level of severity.

"I just want the truth to come out; if the family is not willing to talk to us, maybe they'll talk to another body."

Manning, 16, was arrested Jan. 7 near the Broad Street Line subway station at Girard Avenue, reportedly after police saw him and other teens running from the station.

A few days later, Manning told the Daily News that an officer had forcefully squeezed his left testicle during the arrest.

Manning's lawyer, Lewis Small, said last night that the teen was taken to Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, where he underwent an ultrasound to determine the level of damage.

Doctors initially told Manning's mother, Ikea Conley, that they suspected his testicle was ruptured and that immediate surgery was necessary, according to Small - a fact that she shared with the media in subsequent interviews.

But once that surgery was complete, doctors found that his testicle was not ruptured, and that only a blood clot was found, which was subsequently removed, the CHOP medical report says.

A doctor familiar with the case told the Daily News that the clot appeared very small, and that "it may have been related to trauma, but it certainly would not cause sterility."

Small agreed with Ramsey that it's inaccurate to say that Manning's testicle was ruptured. But that clarification doesn't "take away from the seriousness of the event," the lawyer said.

"We're thrilled that he won't be sterile, but that doesn't mitigate the conduct on the part of the Police Department," Small said. "It's pretty serious whenever a teenager has to undergo an operation on his testicles, regardless of the severity."

Ramsey said the officer is still on desk duty, given the ongoing nature of the investigation. Her identity has not been released.

"This situation speaks for itself," Ramsey said. "With allegations of this nature, not only do we take them very seriously, but that's a very serious injury, if the person truly sustained it."

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