Love: Colie Palagruto & DJ Pascone

DJ Pascone and Colie Palagruto. Clair Pruett Studios
DJ Pascone and Colie Palagruto. Clair Pruett Studios

November 9, 2013, in Langhorne

Posted: February 20, 2014

Hello there

On a Monday in January 2010, DJ was in the chair for his appointment with Dr. Rosen, his dentist since childhood.

"Before she could even start doing my checkup, she ran out of the room, and said she'd be right back," DJ remembered. Dr. Rosen returned with her business card, the name "Colie" and a phone number written on the back. "Do me a favor, and call this girl," Dr. Rosen suggested, promising that Colie was a wonderful, outgoing person, and predicted they'd click.

The dentist had also known Colie's family for years, and told Colie similar things about DJ. "She asked if it would be OK if she could pass my phone number along whenever he came in for a checkup," Colie said.

DJ got Colie's voice mail, and panicked. "I must have said the word 'random' 10 times," he says, still sounding a little embarrassed. "But Colie called back later that night, and we talked for a couple hours." They talked for hours the next few nights as well.

DJ, who is now 28, told her of his childhood in Bensalem, where he still lived at the time, and his job in pharmaceutical sales for Eli Lilly. Colie, now 31, spoke of growing up in Huntingdon Valley and Southampton, where she then lived, and her career as a special-education teacher at Pennsbury School District's Edgewood Elementary. DJ also learned all about Mia, the Yorkie he now loves as much as Colie does.

Despite all that talking, there was no lag in conversation on their first date at Carlucci's in Yardley. "We wanted to keep learning about each other," Colie said. "We had a natural connection, and he became somebody I really confided in. He's very supportive, and funny, and I just felt like I could be myself around him."

"I could tell she was very genuine, very focused on her career and grounded, which is all important to me," DJ said. "At the same time, I knew she liked to have fun. She laughed at a lot of my jokes, and that helped. She has a great smile. Her personality brought out the best in me."

How does forever sound?

In October 2011, DJ took a day off, and fibbed a little to Colie: "Don't call me on your way home from work. I have a conference call."

DJ drove to Colie's apartment. He parked where she wouldn't see his car, dressed Mia in a tiny T-shirt, and waited for his girlfriend. About the time her workday was done, she called, and he ignored it. After the third call, he sent her a text: "Did you forget I have a conference call?"

"I did! Sorry!" Colie texted back. She asked him to call when he was finished, and said she was running errands.

Of all the days to run errands, DJ thought. "I was sweating bullets. It was an extra 45 minutes before she got home."

When the door finally opened, DJ stayed hidden, but encouraged Mia to go see Mommy.

Colie was confused by the sight of her dog in a T-shirt she hadn't put on. Then, Colie read the shirt: "Will you marry me?"

DJ appeared and got down on one knee. "Before I could get any words out, she was crying."

It was so them

In spring 2011, DJ and Colie "were both looking to find our faith again," DJ said. They visited many churches before settling on Langhorne United Methodist, which is where they wed.

During the ceremony, Colie poured red sand into a vase to represent herself, and DJ poured in yellow sand to represent him. Pastor John added white sand representing God, and the couple together added a final layer, a mix of their individual colors, to show that they would always be together.

In their vows, the couple, who now live in Newtown, said, "I promise to love you completely, from now until eternity."

The reception for 150 was held at Celebrations in Bensalem. Colie, who grew up ballroom dancing, choreographed their first dance to Brad Paisley's "Then." Toward the end of the song, "We had a lift, like in Dirty Dancing," DJ said. "She ran across the floor, and I lifted her up in the air." Their guests loved it.

The couple enjoys trying new wines, and saved bottles for a year so the wine names could serve as table names. The place cards were held by wine corks, and the favors were wine stoppers decorated with two entwined hearts.

After the best man and maid of honor made their toasts, DJ's father, Dave, took the floor. "Today wouldn't be possible without our dentist, Dr. Aggie Rosen, who set up Colie and DJ," he said. Dr. Rosen and her husband were among the guests. She's now Colie's dentist, too.

This didn't happen at rehearsal

Watching DJ break into tears several times during the rehearsal inspired his father, best man, and groomsmen to wager on when he'd start crying during the ceremony. "Nobody picked that I wouldn't cry, so I had to show them up," he said.


The tears didn't wait long after the ceremony, though. "As soon as we got past everybody down the church aisle, we just broke down and started crying together," Colie said. "When it was finally official, we just shared that moment together."

Discretionary spending

A bargain: It cost less than $30 for the ribbons, small printed signs, and glue that transformed the empty wine bottles and corks into table names and place holders.

The splurge: Masquerade cost about 30 percent more than the band the couple liked second best, but they "blew everybody else out of the water," DJ said.

The getaway

Teacher Colie's schedule allowed for only a long weekend in Delray Beach, Fla., after the wedding. But come June, the couple will spend eight days at Secrets Maroma Beach Riviera Cancun in Mexico.


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