Firm puts Lower Bucks incinerator plan on back burner

Posted: February 21, 2014

In what the proposal's opponents are calling a victory, the company that wants to build a hazardous-waste incinerator in lower Bucks County has put its efforts on hold indefinitely.

Allen Toadvine, attorney for the for Route 13 Bristol Partners, said that Bristol Township had asked for more specifics on the potential release of pollutants, but he said that the firm would need to choose a manufacturer for the plant before it could provide those details.

The township zoning hearing board was to consider the firm's application for a variance on Monday to build the incinerator, the first step in a years-long approval process that would end with the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection.

Toadvine said the firm withdrew its zoning application in a letter on Wednesday.

"We haven't decided to pull out totally," the attorney said. "But we need additional time to gather that information. And once we do that we'll decide whether to reapply to Bristol Township."

Emissions from hazardous waste incinerators are heavily regulated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, which says its limits on incinerator emissions are "generally protective of human health and the environment." The federal standards still allow for a very small amount of toxins to escape, which the plant's opponents contend could be harmful.

The proposed 50,000-square-foot plant would burn pesticides and pharmaceuticals near the Delaware River and densely populated towns on both sides of river. It galvanized opponents in towns such as Bristol and the city of Burlington, which would be downwind of the plant.

"We consider this a huge victory," said Louis Cappelli Jr., an attorney representing Burlington City. "The opposition was growing everyday on both sides of the river. Burlington Mayor [James] Fazone and the other elected officials on the New Jersey side were going to fight this battle til the end."



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