Lawyer: Boy's injury caused by 'violent action'

Posted: February 21, 2014

The lawyer representing Darrin Manning, the Philadelphia teenager who says he was seriously injured when a police officer grabbed his genitals during an arrest last month, released the boy's medical records Wednesday, saying they show his injuries were caused by "violent action."

Last week, Police Commissioner Charles H. Ramsey said the records did not support initial media accounts that quoted the lawyer, Lewis Small; Manning's mother, Ikea Conley; and Manning.

Those accounts indicated that Manning suffered a serious injury to his genitals that could render him sterile.

Ramsey called for a grand jury investigation into Manning's claim, citing discrepancies between the medical records and the family's account.

But Small says the records show that Manning's injuries, regardless of their severity, were caused by a "violent action."

The medical record released by Small indicates that Manning underwent emergency surgery on his genitals the day after his arrest.

"Common sense tells you that it would take violent action to cause the trauma that necessitated emergency surgery," Small said. "To claim that the medical record reflects otherwise is disingenuous."

He said his client was cooperating with the District Attorney's Office, but would not speak to police about the incident. He said he could not comment on whether the matter was under investigation by a grand jury.



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