Rare birth: 3's no crowd for Montco mom

Posted: February 27, 2014

ALLISON AND WESLEY Rhoa always knew they wanted to be parents: They made plans, crunched numbers and predicted expenses.

"We figured we'd have one baby, then maybe another if we felt it was right," Allison Rhoa said from her home in Horsham last night. "Then our plans went out the window."

At her first ultrasound, Rhoa, 34, learned that she was pregnant with identical triplet girls - an occurrence so rare that doctors can't seem to agree on a statistic. The most commonly cited figure, which the staff at Abington Memorial Hospital has shared with the young family, is that such births are one in a million.

"We were shocked," Rhoa said. "Neither of us have multiples in our families, so this came out of nowhere."

The couple welcomed Ava, Avery and Alyssa into the world Feb. 5. The 3-week-olds are doing just fine, according to their mom. Because they were born at 33 weeks, the girls have had to stay at the hospital, initially relying on feeding tubes for nourishment.

"Two of the girls have their tubes out, and, if all goes well, they'll be home in two days or so," Rhoa said.

Having her daughters at home is a welcome prospect for the new mom, after the craziness surrounding their delivery.

Rhoa was called to the hospital Feb. 3 by her doctor, after a result from a preliminary test troubled him. But that was the night when Montgomery County was pounded by snow and ice - conditions that her Toyota Yaris couldn't handle.

"I couldn't exactly shovel my car out, so I had to call Wesley and have him pick me up," she said.

After two hours of traffic, Wesley got to the neighborhood from his office in Wayne, Delaware County, but conditions forced him to leave his car and walk a quarter-mile to get his wife.

A neighbor with an SUV drove the couple to their idling vehicle.

But conditions weren't much better at the hospital: It was among thousands of PECO customers to lose power Feb. 5.

"Half of the lights were off, but I made it," Rhoa said.

Now, she and Wesley can focus on what's really important, like how to budget for the 30 diapers that the girls go through daily.

"We're still wrapping our heads around the whole thing," she said.

"One thing's for sure, though: I'm buying a minivan."

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