D.A.: 4th victim of alleged Swiss Cheese Pervert comes forward

Posted: March 05, 2014

THE CHEESE may stand alone, but the Swiss Cheese Pervert's alleged victims are standing together.

After Christopher Pagano, 41, made headlines in January for allegedly driving around Mayfair and exposing himself to three women while he asked them to pleasure him with Swiss cheese, a fourth alleged victim came forward to police on her own accord, the Philadelphia District Attorney's Office said.

Already charged with three counts each of stalking, indecent exposure, harassment and open lewdness for his previous three alleged victims, Pagano yesterday was hit with all those charges again for the fourth victim, according to the D.A.'s office. In total, Pagano faces 20 counts, spokeswoman Tasha Jamerson said.

Prosecutors did not release details of the fourth incident, except to say that Pagano's alleged "harassment included using processed cheese when he approached the victims."

Jamerson said the latest incident happened in January. If the allegation is true, Pagano would have had to have done it in the 10 days before his fetish hit the news, or during the weeklong manhunt for his arrest.

Pagano, who is married and has a 10-year-old daughter, turned himself in on the latest charges and remains free on 10 percent of $90,000 bail.

His next court date is slated for April Fools' Day. Seriously.

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