Sixers can still win, Brown insists

Posted: March 08, 2014

Coach Brett Brown has seen his 76ers team lose 15 consecutive games. He also recently lost his voice.

But Brown insists he hasn't lost his mind, even though he has a belief in his team that few share.

"I think this group has some wins in it," Brown said in a raspy voice after practice, feeling the effects of a long season. "Not many people do, but I do."

Continuing to keep a positive outlook, Brown suggested that the team can build off this year.

"Nobody should be naive enough to think that the benefits from this year won't be carried forward, despite the record, despite some of our pound-downs," said Brown, whose team resumes action Saturday against the visiting Utah Jazz.

Brown's optimism stems mainly from rookie point guard Michael Carter-Williams.

In a 125-92 loss at Oklahoma City on Tuesday, Carter-Williams drew attention when he and Brown had an animated discussion. Brown wanted his point guard to play better defense and let him know it.

Brown said it's all part of trying to make Carter-Williams better.

"He is a willing learner," Browns said. "He is defiant sometimes, he is competitive sometimes."

Brown said it's all part of a give-and-take relationship.

"He gets angry with me sometimes, but he knows that it is my job, and I am going to coach him, and I need for him to let me coach him, and he will," Brown said. "We will do this together, and I see improvement."

Carter-Williams also feuded with Thunder point guard Russell Westbrook on Tuesday.

"Of course, losing is frustrating . . . but I don't think I was too flustered or frustrated out there," Carter-Williams said Thursday. "I was trying to keep my composure and keep playing hard and focus on the next play."

Carter-Williams, who is averaging 17 points, 6.2 assists, and 5.4 rebounds, is the front-runner to be NBA rookie of the year.

He will keep receiving encouragement from his coach. Brown refuses to stop believing in his team, as difficult as it may seem.

"There hasn't been a game that we have gone out to play where I didn't feel we could steal one," Brown said. "That is as truthful as I can be."


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