Ex-cop due in court for sentencing on prostitution, assault and drug charges

Posted: March 13, 2014

HIS FIVE-YEAR career with the Philadelphia Police Department was drama-filled - and so, too, is his fall from grace.

Richard DeCoatsworth, who survived a shotgun blast to the face as a rookie cop in 2007 and was invited to Washington by Michelle Obama in 2009, today is scheduled to be sentenced in criminal court for promoting prostitution and for drug and assault charges.

But the drama may not be over. Sources yesterday said DeCoatsworth, 28, refused to submit to a mental-health evaluation, which Common Pleas Judge Charles Ehrlich ordered when he pleaded guilty Feb. 26.

There was also speculation that the former cop was waffling on going through with the guilty plea, which is scheduled for 3 p.m. at the Criminal Justice Center.

His attorney, A. Charles Peruto, declined to comment on the speculation or on whether his client refused to cooperate with the court system's attempt to evaluate his mental state.

Peruto said that under state guidelines, DeCoatsworth is entitled to be sentenced to the time he has already served and then be released.

DeCoatsworth, who retired from the police force in 2011, was arrested last May and has been held on multimillion-dollar bails ever since.

He was charged with more than 30 crimes related to his alleged beating of his girlfriend in May and his role as a pimp for two prostitutes.

All of the charges were dropped except simple assault, a misdemeanor, and two felonies: promoting prostitution and intent to possess or distribute narcotics.

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