Nephew and uncle get life sentences for killing of cousin

Posted: March 17, 2014

BECAUSE NAFEAST FLAMER was just 17 when he murdered a man, he could have received a prison sentence that would have allowed him to be paroled after 35 years.

But Flamer, now 25, is "incapable of rehabilitation" and is a "grave threat to the public," therefore he should never walk the streets again, Common Pleas Judge Glenn B. Bronson said yesterday.

Bronson sentenced Flamer to life without parole for the murder of Allen Moment Jr., 24, who was shot and paralyzed in 2006 and died from infection in 2008.

Bronson also slapped Flamer with a consecutive sentence of 21 to 45 years in prison for criminal conspiracy and carrying a firearm convictions.

The sentence was warranted, Bronson said, because of the suffering Moment endured and because Flamer - while jailed - ordered the 2010 murder of a witness to Moment's slaying to keep him quiet.

"I try a lot of cases. Sometimes you can't remember one from the next. But I can remember clearly the doctor from the trauma center saying that the suffering of Mr. Moment was the worst that she had seen," Bronson said.

He also sentenced Flamer's uncle, Marvin Flamer, 39, to life without parole plus 20 to 40 years for his role in Moment's murder.

Moment, a cousin of the Flamers, was targeted over a simmering dispute, according to trial testimony in January.

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