Dick Allen's son has Hall of an idea

Posted: March 19, 2014

THEY'LL BE A baseball connection, of sorts, when Math Civics and Sciences plays St. John Neumann of Williamsport in tonight's PIAA Class A basketball semifinals.

Sitting in the stands at East Pennsboro High in Enola will be Richard Allen Jr., the son of former Phillies slugger Dick Allen. Playing for Neumann will be Richard Allen III, or "Tre," as he is known, the ballplayer's grandson.

When he's not watching his son play hoops, Allen Jr. is campaigning to get his now-72-year-old father, who works on the Phillies' community-relations team, into the Baseball Hall of Fame.

Allen, who had two stints with the Phils (1963-69 and '75-76), is considered by many to be the best player not in the Hall. He is, apparently, not a self-promoter.

"It's difficult because he doesn't want to be attached to any campaign," Allen Jr. said last night. "He feels it's a bad thing to stand there pounding his shoe on the desk saying, 'Let me in, let me in.' "

Junior feels otherwise and is trying to get his father's name on this year's Golden Era ballot.

"It's a last shot for him," Allen Jr. said. "From what I understand, he'll have exhausted his options."

Allen Jr. is working with Mark "Frog" Carfagno to promote the cause. They even have a Facebook page - "Dick Allen Belongs in the Hall of Fame."

"I read an article on Bill James Online by Dave Fleming and that really triggered this thing," Allen Jr. said. "He ran off the numbers. It breaks down everything and [my father] has better numbers than 17 Hall of Famers."

Carfagno, who worked on the Phillies' grounds crew for 33 years, remembers thinking Allen would get in on the 2009 Veterans Committee ballot.

"There was a headline on the Baseball Hall of Fame website that said, 'Dick Allen expected to be named to the Hall tomorrow,' " Carfagno said. "The next day he only got 20 percent of the vote.

"We just want to get the word out. He deserves to be in."

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