Authorities: N.Y. man brought dead bobcat to Philly

Posted: March 21, 2014

SURGEONS HAVE some of the world's steadiest hands.

So, there's some logic behind a New York man's decision to enlist his medical-student son in helping him skin a bobcat, an animal that's rare in the wild.

What's not logical is why the father dumped the animal's carcass into a Brewerytown lot.

Wildlife Conservation Officer Jerry Czech cited the man, 55, with unlawful taking/possession of wildlife after he turned himself in yesterday to the Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

"He's not a bad guy," Czech said. "He's been very cooperative."

The hunter, whose identity hasn't been released, trapped and killed the bobcat near where he lives in Delaware County, New York.

"He did everything legally until it came time to tag the animal's pelt," Czech said.

New York hunters must have any bobcats they kill "tagged" by authorities for research purposes. Instead of doing that, the hunter kept the bobcat on ice until he was able to travel to Philly to get his son's help, Czech said.

After the deed was done, the hunter ditched the remains in a lot on 31st Street near Jefferson and drove to Florida, where he was traveling to visit his other son. His son in Philly called him there after seeing media reports about the remains.

The citation carries up to a $500 fine, and could result in his license being revoked in New York, game commission spokesman Travis Lau said.

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