Bartram High briefly placed on lockdown after fight

Posted: March 28, 2014

LESS THAN a week after a student allegedly knocked a Bartram High School staff member unconscious, the school in Elmwood was briefly placed on lockdown yesterday after a fight.

School district spokesman Fernando Gallard said six students allegedly involved in the fight were detained by police. A school police officer was injured trying to break up the fight and one student was scratched on the face.

Gallard said the lockdown was lifted once officials regained control of the building. He said the cause of the fight was unknown.

One teacher said that the fight stemmed from a neighborhood conflict and that police responded swiftly. She also voiced concerns about the school being understaffed because of budget cuts.

"We don't want to sound greedy, but we need more, we need more," said Kelly Hudecki, who is also a Bartram graduate.

Bartram, on 67th Street near Elmwood Avenue, has had a rough month. Last week, three staff members were injured by students, including a male conflict-resolution specialist who suffered a fractured skull after a student grabbed his arm and pushed him into a wall after an argument.

Earlier in the week, a teacher was injured by a book thrown by a student, and another teacher was hurt trying to break up a fight, officials said.

Hudecki said she hoped the assault of the conflict-resolution specialist would serve as a "wake-up call" to the district's brass and elected officials.

"I just want better for the school and the school district. It's the same thing we've been saying over and over: We need help."

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