Sideshow: Paltrow's positive spin on split with Martin

Together, happy to be apart: Gwyneth Paltrow and her husband, Coldplay singer Chris Martin, who are uncoupling.
Together, happy to be apart: Gwyneth Paltrow and her husband, Coldplay singer Chris Martin, who are uncoupling. (AP)
Posted: March 28, 2014

Gwyn's positive spin on split

Most people would consider the dissolution of their marriage as something negative, sad, tragic - even enraging.

Not Shakespeare in Love icon Gwyneth Paltrow, 41, who on Wednesday announced on that she and Coldplay front man Chris Martin are in the process of "conscious uncoupling."

That's a New Age therapeutic term for breaking up. The phrase, you'll note, is a positive, an activity that almost sounds like fun.

Admittedly, Gwyn does say her and Martin's "hearts [are] full of sadness."

Gwyn, whose 10-year marriage has produced two children, Apple, 9, and Moses, 7, writes that she and Martin will continue to be devoted to coparenting their children. "In many ways we are closer than we have ever been," she writes.

For inquiring readers, Goop includes an essay by Dr. Habib Sadeghi and Dr. Sherry Sami explaining the awesome dynamics of Conscious Uncoupling.

(But can you do it solo?)


The not-divorce source

So who came up with this ridiculous phrase for splitting up? Meet Los Angeles therapist Katherine Woodward Thomas, author of a book called . . . Conscious Uncoupling. Thomas says you don't break up with one another: You just "complete a relationship," as she tells the Washington Post.

Hate for La-La land?

London's Guardian newspaper suggests one of the reasons the Paltrow-Martin marriage went belly-up is Martin's aversion, as a regular British bloke, to living in Southern California, where everyone is aggressively happy and psychotically cheerful.

Also positive: Frankel

Bethenny Frankel isn't going to let her ongoing bitter (we're talking nuclear) divorce from Jason Hoppy - or the cancellation of her talk show - get her down. "I'm good. I feel a little liberation, a little bit of freedom," she tells Bravo talk-show host Andy Cohen. In fact, she's even dating. People says the guy, Michael A. Cerussi III, works in financial services. (He's an ATM?)

Columbus Short needs a fixer

Columbus Short, 31, whose Scandal character works with Washington fixer Olivia Pope ( Kerry Washington), faces an arrest warrant on a charge of felony assault, says TMZ. He allegedly caused serious bodily injury to a man with whom he had a brawl at an L.A. bar on March 15. If convicted, he could go to jail for up to four years.

Wu-Tang goes one way

Hip-hop collective Wu-Tung Clan will sell only a single - as in, one - copy of its new 31-track double album The Wu - Once Upon a Time in Shaolin, NBC News reports. "This is the first high-profile album never to be commercially released to the public and the first of its kind in the history of music," the group's site says. How much does the LP copy cost? Millions, the site claims.

Album charts all 'Frozen'

Released four months ago, the sound track to Disney's Frozen this week took the top spot on Billboard's album chart, selling 202,000 units, according to Nielsen SoundScan. Rapper YG's My Krazy Life is at No. 2 with 61,000, while alt-rockers Foster the People's Supermodel debuted at No. 3 with 54,000.


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