Bodyguard: Efron a 'hero'

Posted: March 28, 2014

THE ZAC EFRON beat-down story draws curiouser and curiouser.

According to the sentinels of truth at TMZ, the "High School Musical" actor is actually a hero - at least according to Efron's unnamed bodyguard, who claimed his boss saved his ever-lovin' hide.

Efron told the cops he and his security guy were headed to grab a bite to eat in downtown El Lay early Sunday when their car ran out of gas. And as any rational person would do in that situation, one of them tossed a bottle out the car window. The missile landed near a gaggle of homeless folks who, naturally, took umbrage at what had transpired.

They responded, said TMZ, by attacking the bodyguard with some sort of sharp object the victim described as being "like a spear," stabbing him multiple times about his head and body.

But Efron came to his rescue, swinging a vodka bottle (which, of course, everyone carries in their cars in the advent of an attack).

Here's where it gets murky: The bodyguard swore that the tossed bottle that triggered the scuffle was the one Efron used to come to his rescue.

And, for the record, TMZ reported the anonymous bodyguard has a criminal record for drug and violence beefs.

Tug o' war

It looks as if some lawyers are gonna make a killing in the wake of Paul "Fast & Furious" Walker's death-by-car-accident last November.

Walker's 15-year-old daughter, Meadow, was taken from Walker's family's home by her mom, Rebecca Soteros, and the late actor's mother, Cheryl Walker, is taking legal action.

Meadow had been living with Cheryl in her late father's house since August. Last week, when Cheryl filed to become Meadow's legal guardian, Rebecca responded by taking Meadow to live at a family friend's house a mile away.

Rebecca, reported TMZ, has had "a serious drinking problem" for the past six years, and two DUI arrests to prove it. And Walker's will reportedly includes a stipulation making his mother Meadow's guardian in the event of his death.

Hollyweird wags are girding their loins for a knockdown, drag-out fight between the deceased's mother and baby mama.

Mac attack

What's decades of animosity when there are zillions to be made? Fleetwood Mac yesterday announced a 33-city tour (including an Oct. 15 gig at Wells Fargo Center). But the bigger news is that bassist John McVie's ex-wife, vocalist-keyboardist Christine McVie, is returning to the group that made the world safe for calculated soft rock.

They'll join singer Stevie Nicks, guitarist Lindsey Buckingham and drummer Mick Fleetwood in reconstituting the lineup that in the mid-1970s transformed the Maccers from a second-rate blues band into one of the most formidable hit-making machines in pop-music history.

John McVie, incidentally, appears to have recovered from an unspecified form of cancer.

TATTBITS * It just hit the Wide World IntraWeb, but Frank Sivero, perhaps best known for playing wiseguy Frankie Carbone in "Goodfellas" (he's the one who met his fate dangling from a meat hook in a refrigerated truck), was popped on March 17 in the City of Angels for carrying a loaded weapon in public. He spent a few days in the slammer before being released. * A Tennessee man charged with the slaying of Courtney Cash, the 23-year-old grand-niece of country-music immortal Johnny Cash, has pleaded not guilty. Wayne Masciarella, 27, entered the plea yesterday during a brief court appearance in Putnam County, Tenn. Police believe Masciarella stabbed Courtney to death after getting into an argument with her and her boyfriend, William Johnson, who suffered stab wounds during the fight. Cash's body was found on March 19 inside a wooden box at her home in Baxter, Tenn. *  L'Wren Scott, the fashion designer who committed suicide last week and was Mick Jagger's main squeeze, has left her entire $9 million estate to the Stones' highest roller. Phew! We here at Tattle often stay awake at night worrying about how Mick, 70, would afford to live out his twilight years. Now we can sleep!

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