Sideshow: All green at Kids' Choice Awards

Robert Downey Jr. was named best male buttkicker.
Robert Downey Jr. was named best male buttkicker. (Reuters)
Posted: April 01, 2014

A night of slime

Robert Downey Jr. turned inspirational speaker at Saturday's Kids' Choice Awards, One Direction and Jennifer Lawrence got top awards, and the traditional green goo bath finally caught up with Mark Wahlberg, thanks to some unlikely slimers - his own three young kids.

Downey, after winning best male buttkicker, told the L.A. audience at Nickelodeon's 27th annual awards show, "Remember, when life is kicking your butt, never forget to kick it back right - in the face."

Rain lifts Noah's boat

After weathering a sea of controversy,

Noah arrived in first place at the weekend box office. Paramount's biblical epic starring Russell Crowe in the titular role opened with $44 million.

The imaginative take on Noah's ark by filmmaker Darren Aronofsky led some religious groups to claim the story had been inaccurately portrayed, prompting Paramount to add a disclaimer to marketing materials saying "artistic license has been taken" in telling it.

Lionsgate's science-fiction thriller Divergent starring Shailene Woodley earned $26.5 million in its second weekend. Disney's Muppets Most Wanted featuring Tina Fey and Ricky Gervais was third with $11.4 million in its second weekend.

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