Rat-attack victim: 'There were a lot of them'

Posted: April 04, 2014

HER LIP IS SWOLLEN, her eye is puffy and she doesn't want to be in the news. She's a little freaked out and afraid of retaliation.

Can't blame her. Retaliation can get pretty weird in this city.

"There were a lot of them," said the 30-year-old woman, who asked the Daily News not to print her name. "Eight or nine or 10. Boxes of them."

She's talking about the rats. The white rats that were scurrying around her house on 28th Street near Wharton the night before.

Police say a 20-something woman, backed by her mother and a whole posse of angry women, rolled up to the victim's house about 11 p.m. Wednesday to settle the score in an apparent love triangle - Grays Ferry-style.

They didn't bring guns or knives. Bats and rats were their weapons of choice - as in, baseball bats and live rodents.

Officer Leeloni Palmiero, a police spokeswoman, said the mob of about 10 women allegedly smashed the home's windows, then dumped the rats inside.

"I've never heard of it, either," said the victim, who was punched in the face several times. Her purse was stolen. It contained her Social Security card, credit cards and $200.

Police say some of the attackers fled in a green Chevy Lumina with a Pennsylvania license plate. The victim gave cops what she believed to be the main suspect's name and date of birth, which she apparently found on Facebook, according to police.

"The suspect and the victim have the same boyfriend," Palmiero explained.

Standing outside her home yesterday, the battered woman seemed shellshocked by the ordeal. She was at a loss for words as she gazed down 28th Street. The rats were gone, but her windows were still shattered.

"She needs to go to jail," she said of the woman who punched her.

Police were investigating, but no arrests had been made as of last night.

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