Casper's skills are no apparition

Posted: April 04, 2014

DIMINUTIVE 76ers guard Casper Ware has gotten a small taste of what the NBA life is like. Signed last week to a 10-day contract that expired today, the 5-10 guard has gotten a solid look from the organization as Brett Brown hasn't been shy about throwing him into games.

In four games heading into last night, Ware was averaging 16 minutes and 3.8 points. His speed and quickness make him a disturbing pain on defense and a decent threat offensively. He no doubt will be pursued by the Sixers to play in their Summer League appearances and then see where things go.

"It tastes great," said Ware with a smile almost as big as himself. "It is something special to be in this league. It's not much more different than I expected to be, really. I didn't put it too high up on a pedestal and I didn't underestimate, so it's been about what I expected. It is what I thought it was. It's great to get an opportunity like this."

Not only is the situation here conducive for young players to get ample playing time, the wide-open, fast style is also welcomed.

"He's been really cool with letting me play my game," said Ware of coach Brown. "Some coaches will have you in and make you do whatever they want. He's cool in that he let's you play to your strengths. He always tells us that if we have a good shot, take it and to just go out and play."

Rebuild update

We all know what has been preached over and over - that this season is only a building block for, what the organization hopes, are successful ones down the road. The biggest part of that is seeing what players may or may not be part of the process. With just seven games remaining, Brett Brown is still in full evaluation mode.

"It's hard to point at somebody particularly [who has improved the most]," Brown said. "They've all just had their moments. I probably could answer that easier when you sit down and you look at stats and digest and take a deep breath at the end of the year. Look at, from time to time what all those guys have done. James Anderson is averaging 33 points against the Houston Rockets [laughs]. Look at Hollis [Thompson]. Can't you just see a change in Hollis the last few games? He's coming out to mean it. Tony Wroten is up and down and up and down and he can't make a pass unless he looks the other way, it has to be the best pass ever. But he's starting to settle down some. And look at Thaddeus' [Young] perimeter expansion and look at Michael [Carter-Williams] continue to grow. It goes on and on. You can point to a bunch of wins all across the board."

Wins in individual battles, not the ones they hope to rack up by outscoring the other team.

More Noel

Now that there has been a couple of Nerlens Noel sightings, the obvious question was put to Brett Brown again last night: Would playing him at some point this season be a good thing?

"I've been on record saying that I hoped to coach him," Brown said. "I'm ambivalent right now. It's just we're so concerned about his health. That's our biggest concern. There are times where you step back and you say, 'Well, now it's really getting late and why? What benefit would there be? Are we hurting him?'

"We don't want to put him in a position where he hasn't played basketball in 14 months and we think he's going to come out and [play like] the sixth player chosen? I don't think so. I feel like in those situations you just have to be careful. We want to deliver him to the Philadelphia marketplace where he's playing and feeling good. He's worked his tail off."

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