Early vacation shows Kobe has a lot of Gaul

Posted: April 18, 2014

THE LAKERS closed out their miserable season at San Antonio last night.

Pau Gasol was courtside even though he couldn't play because of vertigo. Kobe Bryant was not.

Bryant, of course, hasn't played since December because of a fractured left knee.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Bryant and his family left for France either yesterday or the day before.

Bryant has not attended every game this season. But, according to the Times, the Lakers were unaware he had left the country.

The former Lower Merion High star has let it be known that he's not happy with the way the team struggled this season.

Yesterday, he tweeted:

"S*** season. Flush it. Forget it #amnesia Next Season will be epic #blackout #bussfam"

Gasol also tapped out a tweet yesterday, writing that he would leave two tickets at the Spurs AT& T Center to a fan who sends a "pic of you in your @Lakers gear at a notable SA location."

When asked by Bleacher Report why he felt the need to show up last night, Gasol said to "be a good teammate, be a good professional."

Jersey boys

Late Tuesday night, the Angels' Mike Trout, who played for Milville High, hit a two-run homer off the A's Sean Doolittle, who played for Shawnee, in the bottom of the ninth to tie the game at 9-all. The A's went on to win 10-9 in 11 innings.

Boo-tiful memory

You don't need a camel roaming the office to remind you what day it is.

Today is the 42nd anniversary of Kiteman's crashing entrance at the Phillies' 1972 home opener at the Vet.

According to Phillies chairman Bill Giles, , Kiteman (aka Richard Johnson) skied halfway down an 80-foot ramp in rightfield before he was knocked off course by a gust of win. He came to a halt at the railing of the 600 level.

Not surprisingly, the fans booed.

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