Chester County partners with Chinese district

Posted: May 21, 2014

Chester County and the Yongchuan district in China are officially friends.

County Commissioner Terence Farrell and the mayor of the Chinese district signed a friendship agreement on Friday as a promise to develop cultural and business partnerships. Farrell said the agreement could pave the way for job creation in Chester County, student exchanges, and selling Chester County livestock in China.

"It was a big deal," Farrell wrote in an e-mail, "and the Chinese officials pulled out all the stops to show its importance to them."

Farrell toured the district this week, attended the annual tea festival, and had a place on stage at the fourth annual Investment and Trade Fair, he said. Before the signing ceremony, Farrell spent an hour talking with about 10 government and trade officials who supported developing a relationship with Chester County, including the party secretary of Yongchuan, he said.

Farrell started his exploratory, self-funded trip to China on May 11 and is scheduled to return Tuesday.

"When I return," Farrell said, "we will roll up our sleeves and begin the hard work of developing specifics in fulfillment of the agreement."

The county plans to send representative to the Chinese district in October. In October, a delegation of 25 Chinese business people toured Chester County.

The Chinese chose Yongchuan for the partnership because they thought it was well matched with Chester County, especially in economic development, Farrell said.

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