New DVDs: 'Miss Fisher,' 'Eastbound & Down,' and 'Easy Money'

Essie Davis stars as Miss Phryne Fisher, a Melbourne, Australia-based lady of leisure and private detective.
Essie Davis stars as Miss Phryne Fisher, a Melbourne, Australia-based lady of leisure and private detective. (BEN KING)
Posted: May 24, 2014

Miss Phryne Fisher is a most remarkable woman.

The Australian adventurer hobnobbed with Parisian artists and poets before World War I, then spent the war driving an ambulance.

Approaching 40 (or has she already passed that dread mark?), she has settled back home in Melbourne, a lady of leisure with a handsome income and no husband to weigh her down. What's a restless soul to do? Why, become a "lady detective" is what.

Portrayed with sensual sentience and mordant wit by Essie Davis, Fisher catches out killers, blackmailers, rapists, and all manner of rogues (and roguettes) in 12 new mysteries collected in the four-disc set, Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries, Series 2, due Tuesday from Acorn Media. This is television at its most entertaining, stimulating best. (; $59.99; not rated)

Other titles of note

Eastbound & Down: Season 4. Danny McBride returns as former major league pitcher Kenny Powers in the HBO show's fourth and final season. Torn between a life of fame and a life of making do in the suburbs, these eight episodes find Kenny torn between his new wife April and two kids and his yearning for debauchery and celebrity. (; $29.98; not rated)

Easy Money: Life Deluxe. A rousing adaptation of the second part of Swedish defense attorney and novelist Jens Lapidus' The Stockholm Noir trilogy, this sophisticated Danish crime drama stars RoboCop's Joel Kinnaman as a middle-class business student who gets sucked into a life of crime when he gets involved with Stockholm's wealthy jet set. (Zac Efron will star in an American remake.) The first film, Easy Money, also is available on disc. (; $29.95 DVD; $34.95 Blu-ray; not rated)

Back in Crime. The great French thesp Jean-Hugues Anglade stars opposite Mélanie Thierry in this intense yarn that's part time-travel thriller, part police procedural. Anglade plays an experienced detective named Kemp whose latest case reminds him of an unsolved series of murders he encountered years earlier. Before you can say presto!, he has an accident and is transported back 20 years. Great fun. (; $29.95; not rated)

Braquo. Jean-Hugues Anglade is equally charismatic in this incendiary TV show created by Olivier Marchal, a former cop who has become French cinema's foremost purveyor of crime dramas. The series, which lasted for two eight-episode seasons, stars Anglade as the brilliant leader of an armed robbery task force who becomes corrupt despite his own best intentions, leading his entire squad into squalor, misery, and disrepute. MHz Networks has released each season in a separate three-disc set. (; $49.95 per season; not rated)

Like Someone in Love. Iranian film maestro Abbas Kiarostami goes Lost in Translation for his latest film, setting it entirely in Tokyo. The minimalist plot centers on the bond that develops between a young female student and sometime call girl and a client old enough to be her grandfather. This is an extraordinary drama about the human longing to connect and how it can manifest itself in degrees in affection, friendship, love, lust, and obsession. (; $24.95 DVD; $39.95 DVD/Blu-ray Combo; not rated)

Child's Pose. Starring Romania's premier female star Luminita Gheorghiu ( The Death of Mr. Lazarescu), this intense psychological thriller from Romanian auteur Calin Peter Netzer is a powerful statement against the corruption that has rotted the nation's institutions from within. Due Tuesday, the film stars Gheorghiu as a well-to-do woman who manipulates the system to make sure her thirtysomething son won't be held responsible for a fatal car crash he caused with his reckless driving. (; $29.99; not rated)


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