Sideshow: Huh? Chris Rock didn't want to replace Letterman?

Posted: May 24, 2014

He said no to Seinfeld!

Chris Rock coulda been the next David Letterman. Comedy god Jerry Seinfeld tells Esquire he tried to persuade Rock to take Letterman's job once the old feller retired.

"Absolutely no possible way," Rock told him. Rock's problem? He didn't want to have to sit in a makeup chair day after day.

A silly reason, right? Seinfeld thought so. "Would your father turn down a job like that?" he asked Rock. "I go, 'What kind of man are you?' " said Sein.

The interview had Seinfeld riff on how men today seem to whine more than our fathers.

"Those guys didn't really feel they had any choices," Seinfeld said of The Men Who Came Before Us. "They had to think strictly in terms of what's going to put food on the table."


Attorney, rock 'n' the judge

Media lawyer Francis Malofiy has made headlines a second time this week.

Earlier, Malofiy had announced plans to file a lawsuit against Led Zeppelin for allegedly stealing - from '60s rock group Spirit - the famous guitar passage that opens "Stairway to Heaven." Then on Wednesday, U.S. District Judge Paul S. Diamond issued a memo blasting Malofiy's courtroom behavior in another music case. Malofiy is suing Usher on behalf of local songwriter Dan Marino for failing to give the latter writing credit for the single "Bad Girl."

Paul McCartney in hospital?

We're starting to fret: Citing an unspecified virus, Paul McCartney last week canceled a few concerts on his tour of Japan and South Korea. This week, he canceled the entire tour. Now comes word the 71-year-old Beatle has been hospitalized in Tokyo. His reps have yet to confirm or deny.


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