Haverford guard stands out in eighth-grade showcase

Cameron Reddish , a 6-foot-4 guard, played varsity ball for Haverford School. MATT BREEN / Staff
Cameron Reddish , a 6-foot-4 guard, played varsity ball for Haverford School. MATT BREEN / Staff
Posted: May 29, 2014

Cameron Reddish texted his basketball coach on Tuesday morning. The Haverford School eighth grader finished his history and Spanish exams early. He wanted Henry Fairfax to unlock the school's gym.

Fairfax, also Haverford's director of admissions, was not on campus. He was of little help to Reddish.

"If he didn't shoot inside, I know he shot outside," Fairfax said.

The coach was right. Reddish shot at the school's outdoor courts before Tuesday night's Junior All City Classic at Imhotep Charter. Fairfax called Reddish "a throwback" who always wants to get into the gym.

Reddish was one of the main attractions in the second game of a doubleheader featuring the area's top eighth-grade players. He scored 15 points in Team Red's 98-75 win over Team Blue and was named his team's most unselfish player. Antwuan Butler scored 10 for Blue and is planning to attend Roman Catholic.

Reddish, a 6-foot-4 guard, played last season for the school's varsity team. He came off the bench last season, but Fairfax said his play made a good argument for him to start. It is sometimes better to make a youngster wait, Fairfax said.

"It gave me confidence, knowing that I can play with the older kids," Reddish said. "I was able to go in there, play my game, and do my thing."

The area's top high school girls' basketball players will play on at 7 Wednesday night in the girls' All City Classic at Haverford School. The 20th annual boys' All City Classic will be at 6:30 p.m. Friday at Girard College.

Along with basketball, the event stresses academics. After each game, the teams meet with an academic adviser and learn of the NCAA's requirements.

"We're just trying to help the kids," event founder Charles "Shoob" Monroe said. "We focus on kids and their SATs. If you can't get the minimum GPA, you're not going to qualify."

Reddish lives in Norristown and is spending his summer with Team Final, one of the area's premier AAU programs. Director Rob Brown said the player has a high basketball IQ, understands the flow of the game, and has a solid jumper. Reddish said he is working on his defense.

Fairfax said it took a bit for him and his coaches to make sure that playing Reddish on the varsity was "the right thing for the kid."

Their confirmation, Fairfax said, came after a physical play against Academy of the New Church. The opponent got in Reddish's face after the play. Reddish just smiled, and the referee issued a technical foul to the ANC player.

Reddish drained the two foul shots "like it was nothing," Fairfax said.

"I turned to my assistants," Fairfax added, "and said, 'I think we made the right decision with this guy.' "


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