Another bear is spotted in Bucks County

Posted: May 30, 2014

ONE WILDLIFE sighting is fine, but two in three days? Well, some would say that's unbearable.

Reports came in late Tuesday that a black bear, believed to be about 250 pounds, was roaming Hilltown Township, Bucks County, Officer Michael Sandt, of nearby New Britain Township police, said last night.

That furry tourist later made its way to Chalfont, where Sandt snapped a picture of it near the Acme supermarket on Butler Avenue near County Line Road early yesterday.

"A bear is like Godzilla - it's gonna do whatever it wants," Sandt said. "But if people leave it alone, it'll leave them alone."

Its appearance came on the heels of another bear's trip into Bucks County over the weekend. That earlier cub was euthanized Sunday by the state Game Commission, which found the animal sporting a broken leg in the parking lot of a shuttered Nifty Fifty's restaurant in Bensalem.

Cheryl Trewalla, a spokesman for the Game Commission, said the second bear had caused no damage to homes in New Britain Township, but had rifled through trash cans in search of food.

Her office won't step in unless the bear poses an immediate threat to the public or itself.

"He's not familiar with the area; he's just moving through, looking for a quick bite to eat," Trewalla said, adding that residents should give the hungry bear a wide berth.

The spike in bear sightings in Bucks isn't unusual, according to Trewalla: This time of year is prime time for young bears to spread their, er, paws and strike out on their own to establish territory.

Yesterday's bear is sporting a tag from New Jersey in its ear, but it's unclear from where he roamed, Trewalla said.

Anyone who sees the bear should call Bucks County Police Radio dispatch at 215-348-3524.

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