Call Goldilocks: 3rd bear spotted in Bucks

Posted: June 05, 2014

THIS IS GETTING to be unbearable.

Another black bear was spotted early yesterday in Bucks County, the third such beast to visit the area in nine days.

A driver saw the most recent bear just after 5 a.m. in Newtown and flagged down a passing cop, said Jean Tanner, a spokeswoman for Newtown Township police.

The officer spotted the furry tourist crossing Lincoln Avenue near Jefferson in the borough, and stayed put until a second witness reported seeing the bear heading into a wooded area next to a baseball field, Tanner said.

That was the last sighting of the bear, who remained at large last night, according to Cheryl Trewella, a spokeswoman for the state Game Commission.

News of the newcomer came on the heels of the announcement that its most recent predecessor, a 300-pound male black bear, had suffered multiple gunshot wounds before being euthanized by the Game Commission last week near a swim club in Horsham, Montgomery County.

Trewella said the Montco bear, which had wandered throughout Chalfont and other parts of Bucks before its death, had been shot with a shotgun, a BB gun and an arrow, and that the festering wounds may have contributed to its restless movement.

That bear, like the first in the string of sightings, bore an ear tag from New Jersey's Game Commission.

Trewella isn't sure why there are so many bears in the area, but cited an increase in the state's overall bear population and the beasts' late-spring restlessness as strong contributing factors.

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