Cowabunga! Flyers logo gets Simpsonized

Posted: June 06, 2014

T HE FLYERS LOGO just got Simpsonized.

Mark Avery-Kenny, a designer at AK47 Studios, didn't let the fact that ratings for the animated TV series "The Simpsons" are at an all-time low deter him from incorporating characters from the show into some of the more recognizable logos from the NHL.

And he did it just in time for the Stanley Cup finals, featuring the Los Angeles Kings against the New York Rangers.

The Kings logo shows Fat Tony wearing a crown and holding a cigar. The Rangers logo depicts a smiling Lisa.

But Avery-Kenny saves his best work for the Flyers logo, which features Kearney, Jimbo and Dolph, the ne'er–do–well bullies of Springfield Elementary, the school Bart and Lisa attend.

Somewhere, Dave Schultz is smiling.

Lame bet

Someone needs to tell Jerry Brown and Andrew Cuomo how to make a bet.

The governors of California and New York, respectively, came up with a weak wager on the Stanley Cup finals series featuring teams from their states.

If the Rangers win, Brown will send Cuomo an organic brown rice cake and a book about California's history.


If the Kings win, Cuomo will send Brown a gift basket featuring New York delicacies such as the sauce they pour over the chicken wings at Buffalo's famous Anchor Bar. Not the wings, mind you, just the sauce.

Whatever happened to crates of lobsters and cases of beer?

If you ask us neither governor is going to come out a winner.

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