Trial begins for man who ran over off-duty cop during feud over woman

Posted: June 13, 2014

A GAME OF chicken - a duel - between a man driving a car and a man riding a bicycle ended with the bike rider being run over and dying of multiple blunt-impact injuries on the evening of July 15, 2012.

Yesterday, a Philadelphia jury began to hear testimony in the trial of motorist Kareem Alleyne to determine if what he did to off-duty city cop Marc Brady was homicide by vehicle or an accident caused by Brady.

The Common Pleas jury was told during opening arguments that the collision on Musgrave Street near Meehan Avenue in East Germantown was the final clash among many between Alleyne and Brady - who were involved with the same woman.

Assistant District Attorney Mark Levenberg asserted that Alleyne, 37, could have stopped his white Acura or simply swerved to miss Brady, but he chose not to.

"We are here to hold the defendant accountable for the reckless way he operated his vehicle," Levenberg said.

"The defendant saw Mr. Brady on the bike and he knew who he was . . . The defendant made no effort to avoid the collision."

Alleyne has pleaded not guilty to homicide by vehicle and involuntary manslaughter. If convicted of the lead homicide charge he could be sentenced to 20 to 40 years in state prison.

Defense attorney James Funt said that Brady, 32, had instigated the confrontation out of blind jealously because the mother of six of his nine children had begun dating Alleyne - her co-worker at a bank.

"Unpredictable, insanely jealous, with a license to carry a gun," is how Funt described Brady.

On the night of the crash, Funt said, Alleyne and the woman in the middle, Romara Glenn, had gone out together. After taking her home and driving away from the curb he spotted someone on a mountain bike pedaling toward him in the middle of the street, Funt said.

After realizing it was Brady, Funt said, Alleyne tried to avoid him but was afraid to stop because Brady had been harassing and threatening him since October 2010 over his relationship with Glenn.

Even reporting Brady to the Police Department's Internal Affairs Unit didn't stop the vitriol from Brady, who had been reassigned to desk duty at the time of his death, Funt said.

"This was an accident, pure and simple, caused by who?" Funt asked. "Marc Brady. It's a shame that he died, but he caused it."

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