Wizard World 2014: The Bella Twins make a South Philly homecoming

Just because the Bella Twins are Divas doesn't mean they can't still love the Eagles.
Just because the Bella Twins are Divas doesn't mean they can't still love the Eagles.
Posted: June 19, 2014

FROM LEGENDS like Trish Stratus and Lita to current stars like Natalya and A.J. Lee, popular Divas are nothing new to the wrestling arena.

However, there has never been a Diva duo quite like the Bella Twins.

The unique pair, Brie and Nikki Bella, are famous inside the ring for their "Twin Magic," in which one of them will disappear under the ring during matches and then appear miraculously "revived" - having in reality switched places with her twin.

They are so popular, they also star in the E! reality show "Total Divas" - and now they're set to hit Wizard Con Philly 2014.

"Both Brie and I have done quite a few Wizard Worlds," Nikki Bella said. "We love it, because you realize that it's such a family at Wizard World - and the one thing I look forward to is all the crazy outfits. That's just part of why I love it and I get really excited to go."

As for hitting the Con in Philly, the trip is extra special.

"We are huge, die-hard Eagles fans," Brie Bella said. "Nikki and I have roots here. Our grandfather, who's full-blooded Italian [the duo are of Mexican and Italian descent], was born and raised in South Philly, right near South Street. "

"So, any time we get to go back home to Philly, it's just so great because our Italian roots are strong there - and we always make sure we stop by Pat's and grab ourselves a cheesesteak," Brie continued.

So what makes this Diva duo so popular?

"It's because we're twins and no other Divas can do 'Twin Magic,' " Brie said with a laugh. "Also, Nikki and I were tomboys, so we came from an athletic background - but we also knew how to bring our twin energy to the ring. Add that to our athletic talent and that we're so determined."

"We've kind of grown up with the WWE," Brie added. "We started at 23 and now we're 30 and the WWE universe has seen the Bella Twins grow up and get better and better each year."

"A lot of our popularity is from being twins and that's very unique," echoed Nikki. "We have a true passion for wrestling - and 'True Divas' allows people to know us as Nikki and Brie - not the Bella Twins."

Brie Bella says that popularity might extend to a film career someday.

"The one thing about Nikki and I is, we're always looking to make our brand bigger," Brie said. "The one thing that's great about us being Divas is how strong we are inside the ring and how strong we are outside of the ring. I think we could dominate Hollywood in that aspect and show them who the real action stars are."

"I think once you have a passion for wrestling, you can really take it anywhere," Brie added. "So hopefully, some day we'll be bigger than the Rock. Bigger than John Cena.

"For now, though, I'd just tell everybody to see us at Wizard World and check the scene out."

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