Man accused of running over off-duty cop walks free

Posted: June 19, 2014

THE VEHICULAR-homicide trial of an East Germantown man accused of running over an off-duty Philadelphia police officer in July 2012 ended abruptly yesterday when the judge acquitted the defendant.

Kareem Alleyne, 36, walked out of court free on counts of homicide by vehicle and involuntary manslaughter after his attorney, James Funt, asked for and received the acquittal from Common Pleas Judge Lillian Ransom.

Funt made the request after Assistant District Attorney Mark Levenberg had rested his case on the trial's fourth day.

In his opening statement Thursday, the prosecutor had told the jury that Alleyne had enough time to avoid running over Marc Brady, 32 - who was riding a bicycle toward him - but chose instead to strike him.

The men had bad blood for two years. Brady's ex-girlfriend Romara Glenn, the mother of six of his nine children, was dating Alleyne.

Before presenting his own case, Funt yesterday argued that Levenberg had failed to show that Alleyne had operated his car in a reckless and grossly negligent manner leading up to the late-night collision on Musgrave Street near Meehan Avenue, in East Germantown.

Alleyne had just taken Glenn home and was pulling away from the curb when the crash occurred.

In her ruling, Ransom agreed that recklessness and gross negligence had not been proved - standards for conviction on the counts Alleyne faced.

The jury then was dismissed.

"I give the judge credit," Funt said. "This was a high-profile case. This was the death of a Philadelphia police officer. The judge had the courage to look at this for what it was - an accident."

In his successful argument, Funt also noted that Alleyne had been driving 10 mph under the speed limit, had tried to swerve around Brady and had broken no traffic rules, while Brady violated the law by pedaling toward his client in the middle of the rainy street.

Funt also noted that the week after Brady died he was scheduled to have a hearing before the Police Board of Inquiry to investigate complaints that he had abused Glenn.

Brady, he said, attacked Alleyne the week before his death and had threatened him so often since October 2010 that police Internal Affairs in May 2012 had recommended that Brady be charged with stalking and harassing his client.

"But for the fact that Officer Brady was a police officer, I do not think charges would have been brought against Kareem Alleyne," Funt said.

Prior to his death, Brady had been reassigned to desk duty pending the outcome of the investigation into Glenn's complaint.

"I'm relieved, thankful and appreciative of all the prayers and the financial help and support that I've received from family," said Alleyne, who has not worked since Brady's death. He previously worked at a Wells Fargo Bank branch where he met Glenn.

Alleyne said he is looking for a job and hopes to be able to get the only arrest on his record expunged.

"I'm sorry for the loss" of Brady's life, he said. "I just believe in the process."

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