What's afoot?

Posted: June 20, 2014


SOURCE: Sam Hinkie's office

DATE: June 19, 2014

TIME: 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

DEVICE: Telephone tap

* 8:49 a.m.

Hinkie: Good morning.

Caller: Who's this?

Hinkie: It's Sam. Sam Hinkie. How are you doing?

Caller: Good, Sam. What's up?

Hinkie: Did you hear about Embiid?

Caller: About Cleveland?

Hinkie: No, no. It's his foot.

Caller: What do you mean, his foot?

Hinkie: It's broken.

Caller: What?

Hinkie: I'm telling you, it's broken - but you can't quote me. Call Arn. I don't think he'll deny it.

Caller: Are you sure?

Hinkie: Who do you think told me?

Caller: All right. Thanks.

Hinkie: No problem. Just call Arn.


* 8:55 a.m.

Hinkie: He'll be calling you. Soon, I'm sure.

Caller: All right. Are you sure this is going to work?

Hinkie: Do you want him in Cleveland?

Caller: Yeah, yeah, you're right. Wait . . . this might be him . . . gotta go.


* 9:27 am

Hinkie: The plan's in motion.

Caller: When will the story be out?

Hinkie: I have to think, well, within the hour.

Caller: Are you sure about this?

Hinkie: Josh, I'm sure.

Caller: OK, OK. Keep me informed.


* 11:26 a.m.

Hinkie: Arn, you did great.

Caller: I guess. Now what?

Hinkie: X-ray. You need an X-ray.

Caller: How do I get that?

Hinkie: It's a foot. Any foot will do.

Caller: Any foot?

Hinkie: Not a woman or a child but, yeah, any foot. We'll blow up the film a little if we have to.

Caller: Are you sure?

Hinkie: Arn, they don't wear name tags. Any broken foot. You can draw on the X-ray with a Sharpie for all I care.

Caller: All right.

Hinkie: Just send it to me when you have it.


* 1:15 p.m.

Hinkie: Arn, I was kidding about the Sharpie.

Caller: What do you mean? That's a real broken foot X-ray.

Hinkie: That break looks like the Grand Canyon. Who did you get it from?

Caller: One of my neighbors is an ER doc. It's from a guy in a car accident.

Hinkie: It's no good. It has to be more subtle. Let me see what I can do.

Caller: All right. Oh, and Gilbert called.

Hinkie: Did you play it like we talked about.

Caller: I really minimized it. He said their docs were worried when they examined him - the kid played it great. He said it hurt a little but that it was nothing. Said ouch in all the right places. Gilbert still sounds nervous.

Hinkie: Good, good. You keep with that line and let me work on the X-ray.


* 1:43 p.m.

Caller: The story's everywhere.

Hinkie: All according to plan, so far.

Caller: Are you sure he's really OK?

Hinkie: Yeah, it's nothing. It's not even a bruise. It might be healed already.

Caller: So we'll get him at 3?

Hinkie: No question. Gilbert's scared already. Everybody's scared.

Caller: And you're not?

Hinkie: Brett, this is going to work. You'll see.


* 1:58 p.m.

Hinkie: What's this with the second opinion? And maybe surgery? Arn, we didn't talk about that.

Caller: I improvised. What does it matter? It's not like there will be any witnesses in the doctor's office. Nobody's under oath here.

Hinkie: I guess you're right.

Caller: Anything else?

Hinkie: I just have to get the X-ray - but don't show Cleveland unless they really insist, OK?

Caller: OK, OK. Just send it to me.


* 2:17 p.m.

Hinkie: Do we keep old medical records?

Caller: Sure.

Hinkie: Real old?

Caller: How old is real old?

Hinkie: Like 30 years ago.

Caller: I guess. We probably have 'em in storage someplace. What am I looking for?

Hinkie: Andrew Toney. Everything you've got - especially the X-rays.

Caller: Really? Why?

Hinkie: Don't ask.


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