State Rep. Parker DUI appealed

State Rep. Cherelle Parker was charged with DUI in 2011.
State Rep. Cherelle Parker was charged with DUI in 2011.
Posted: June 26, 2014

A LAWYER FOR state Rep. Cherelle Parker yesterday asked a Superior Court panel to overturn Parker's drunken-driving conviction because of improper rulings in lower courts.

The state Attorney General's Office countered that Parker's appeal has been rejected before and the defense argument is simply repetitive.

Parker was arrested on April 30, 2011, after police said they witnessed her driving drunk the wrong way down a one-way street in Germantown.

Municipal Judge Charles Hayden dismissed the evidence against Parker, citing a lack of credibility in the testimony of the arresting officers.

But Common Pleas Judge Paula Patrick ordered a new trial in 2012 following the discovery that Hayden and Parker were friends on Facebook.

Patrick said that Hayden had "abused his discretion" and should have recused himself from the case.

Parker was retried in Municipal Court and this time was found guilty. She appealed, but a Chester County judge appointed to hear the case upheld the guilty verdict.

That prompted an appeal to Superior Court, which was heard yesterday by a three-judge panel.

David Rudovsky, Parker's attorney, argued that the recusal issue was not the relevant factor in the case.

"[The case] was solely on credibility," Rudovsky argued. Regardless of Hayden's relationship with Parker, the two testifying officers in the case had discrepancies in their stories.

"Their testimonies did not match," he said.

Rudovsky also argued that the state made no attempt to ask for Hayden to recuse himself until after it had lost the case.

Kelly Sekula of the Attorney General's Office argued that yesterday's hearing was repetitive.

"I think they did [receive proper opportunities to appeal]," she said, and lost.

It is not known when the Superior Court will rule on the appeal.

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