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Eli Wallach in 2010. The stage and screen character actor died Tuesday at 98 of natural causes.
Eli Wallach in 2010. The stage and screen character actor died Tuesday at 98 of natural causes. (DAN STEINBER / AP)
Posted: June 27, 2014

Showbiz remembrances

Stars of two generations were celebrated around the globe Wednesday. On the fifth anniversary of his passing Michael Jackson was remembered and celebrated for one of the most memorable careers in pop history. In a statement, his sister La Toya Jackson called on people "to please do something kind for someone today, and BLAST and DANCE to all the beautiful music he left us all."

And many were tipping the spaghetti-western hat to the ultimate character actor, Eli Wallach, who died Tuesday at 98, known for his roles in films such as The Magnificent Seven and The Good, the Bad and the Ugly. (Obituary on B7.) Both of them, in their times, seemed, in different ways, to be everywhere.

Cash me, Kate!

There's this about-to-come- out book by Robert Hoffman, a writer for US mag, titled Kate Gosselin: How She Fooled the World, and, according to leaked reports, it carefully, lovingly dumps putrid garbage all over Philly's own K-Goss, former queen of reality TV. Sez here Kate underwent fertility treatment, actually tried to have multiple infants at once, just to get famous. It was a fame plot! She waited until she knew she was carrying septuplets before pitching the show idea that became Jon & Kate Plus 8, which, after feckless hub Jon Gosselin bolted the marriage, became Kate Plus 8. Sez here she's a moneygrubber, a bad, violent, sick mommy, the worst person in the history of the world. Buy this book and see!!! Y'know?

Chris Brown says, 'No deal'

On Wednesday, Chris Brown turned down a plea bargain in his Washington assault case, arising from a dust-up in October outside the W Hotel in D.C. His celeb lawyer, Mark Geragos, couldn't agree on wording with the prosecutor. The deal would have led to a guilty plea and time served. Now we go to trial in September. Christopher Hollosy, Brown's bodyguard, has already been convicted.

The good, the bad, and . . .

If you did not see the great John Oliver dismantling Dr. Oz and the whole dietary supplements thing on John's show Last Week Tonight, watch it ( It is 16 minutes of unfair devastation. . . . Nasty chanteuse Ke$ha says going to rehab for eating disorders was "the scariest thing I've ever done." Having watched her show, we have to wonder. . . . Lana Del Rey, trying hard to be every place at once, says she and bf Barrie-James O'Neill have split . . . he says they haven't. . . . Celeb site E!Online wonders aloud whether Zoe Saldana is sporting a baby bump. Here's a suggestion: Wait a bit. . . . Didja see that car crash Justin Bieber's car got into in LalaLand? Just a dusty bumper-cruncher. Biebs leaped out of his car, got into another, and sped away. You try that. . . . All signs point to Jennifer Lopez being in serious like with unspellable dance guy Maksim Chmerkovskiy. . . . Simon Helberg's ( Big Bang Theory) wifey Jocelyn Towne gave birth to their second baby, son Wilder Towne Helberg - in April, but kept it quiet until now! Refreshing. . . . Kim Kardashian's back to blond hair. . . . "SideShow" obsession Olivia Munn took reputed bf and NFL genius Aaron Rodgers to a screening of her new flick, Deliver Us From Evil, mixing work and pleasure.

Compiled by The Inquirer staff.

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