Four offsprings could be picked in tonight's NBA draft

Posted: June 27, 2014

TONIGHT COULD be Father's Day at the Barclays Center with four sons of former NBA players possibly being picked in the draft.

And two will probably go 1-2. Mitchell Wiggins' son could be going to the Cavs with the first pick and Sonny Parker's young lad could be heading to Milwaukee with the second.

In 2002, the drafting of Mike Dunleavy Jr. (third) and DeJuan, son of Milt, Wagner (six) marked the first time two NBA sons were taken in the lottery.

No draft has ever produced more than three father-son combos. In 2009, Stephen (Dell) Curry (seventh), Gerald Henderson Jr. (12th) and Austin (Darren) Daye (15th) became the first son-pop trio.

Joining Jabari Parker and Andrew Wiggins as possible draftees will be Glenn Robinson III and Jerami Grant, the son of Harvey Grant. Mitchell Wiggins, Harvey Grant and Glenn Robinson all played for the Sixers.

As a matter of fact, there have been six players chosen since 1985 whose fathers played for the Sixers: Dunleavy, Henderson, Kobe (Joe) Bryant, LeRon (LeRoy) Ellis, Mike (Henry) Bibby and Nolan (Derek) Smith.

A son of an NBA alumnus has been chosen in every draft since 2005, with Al Horford, son of Tito, being the highest pick at three in 2007.

The highest son picked in the lottery era? Danny (son of Ed) Manning was the top pick in 1988.

Nice gesture

Isaiah Austin can't catch a break. He lost sight in his right eye due to an injury sustained in middle school, and now, after declaring for the draft, he was diagnosed with Marfan syndrome, a heart condition that could be fatal, ending his basketball-playing days. But the NBA has taken it upon itself to honor Austin. Commissioner Adam Silver, according to Austin's agent, has invited Austin to New York City for the draft, and the commish will honor him between the 15th and 16th picks tonight.

Nice touch.

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