Sideshow: Eric Dane is 'exactly where I'm supposed to be'

Posted: June 28, 2014

Dane: It's good to be happy

Here's proof that even the hunkiest, most successful actor can be happy.

"I honestly think I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be," Eric Dane tells People. "And I'm really happy."

Dane, 41, who gave us heart palpitations as Dr. Mark "McSteamy" Sloan on Grey's Anatomy, is leading a new TNT show, The Last Ship.

But things haven't always been so groovy: The dude, who has two daughters - Billie, 4, and Georgia, 2½ - with wife Rebecca Gayheart, hit a couple of speed bumps on his way up: In '09 a vid leaked showing Dane and his wife doing sex with another woman. Two years later, he did a stint in rehab for pills.

Dane fesses up: There was sadness. (Even during the threesome?)

"My one regret is that I got the person I love most wrapped up in all that: Rebecca," says Dane. The actor, whose dad died when he was 7, goes for the kill with a heartwarming kicker.

"I never had a family, and now I do," he says. "I know I'm a very lucky guy."

Justin: hot feet, hot heart

"We have hot feet," Justin Theroux, 42, tells celeb TV show Extra. No, it's not a subtle hint that he and his lovely fiancée, Jennifer Aniston, are foot fetishists, but that they are eager to get hitched. (They have the opposite of cold feet, see?) So that means they've set the date? "We're not going to let you guys know."

Gossip petits fours

Madonna's daughter, Lourdes, 17, will be a freshman this fall at her mom's alma mater, the University of Michigan, says the Detroit Free Press. . . . Jay Z and Beyoncé added a family touch to their concert Wednesday in Miami: They showed a series of home vids following their baby Blue Ivy's road from mommy's tummy to the delivery room and beyond. . . . Kim Kardashian has debuted a blond hairdo for the summer.


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