Promoting two, Camden names new municipal judge and business chief

Posted: June 29, 2014

Camden promoted two employees at a special City Council meeting Friday, making the business administrator a Municipal Court judge and the city spokesman the business administrator.

Christine T.J. Tucker, who worked as business administrator for more than a decade, was appointed to the bench and sworn in Friday afternoon.

The court previously had one full-time and two part-time judges, but Council passed an ordinance to add an additional full-time judge. The ordinance was approved by former Assignment Judge Lee A. Solomon and the New Jersey Department of Community Affairs. Solomon is now a justice of the state Supreme Court.

Mayor Dana L. Redd said the additional judge was needed because of an increased workload following the creation of the Camden County Metro Division police force and a greater number of officers patrolling the city.

Redd commended Tucker's work on the police conversion. "She worked quietly and methodically to make sure it was fair and represented everyone's interests," Redd said. "I could not be more proud of this lady."

Council President Frank Moran told Tucker he hoped she would bring what she had learned working with Camden residents to the bench. "Carry that to the judgeship when you are dealing with the people who come to you," he said.

Tucker, who as administrator received an annual salary of $104,744, will get a raise to $110,000 as a judge, according to city records. She will join Steven P. Burkett, the chief judge.

City spokesman Robert Corrales was promoted to business administrator. Corrales has worked for Camden since 2010 as spokesman. He previously worked with Gov. Jon S. Corzine's administration as press secretary. He has a bachelor of arts degree and a master's degree in labor relations from Rutgers University.

"Even though I have big shoes to fill, I will continue to do my best. Thank you for your confidence," Corrales said to Council members.

Redd said both moves show that the city "promotes talent from within."

Corrales, who had been making $71,187, according to city records, will now make $104,744.

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