Overrated list includes Eagles' Foles

Posted: July 02, 2014

BY NOW, Pete Prisco's inbox is full of hate mail.

The senior NFL columnist for CBSSports.com, recently published his annual list of overrated/underrated players for each team.

And there are some big names on the overrated list, including running back Ray Rice of the Ravens, running back D'Angelo Williams of Panthers, wide receiver Wes Welker of the Broncos and (drumroll please) quarterback Nick Foles of the Eagles.

Wrote Prisco about Foles:

"Let's slow the train down some, OK. He did some good things last season, but you'd think he was a star already. It takes time. Let's see him do it again. Not saying he can't, but let's see it again."

Prisco, by the way, lists Tony Romo as the most "underrated" player on the Cowboys.

"Yes, Romo," wrote Prisco. "Without him, the Cowboys stink. And let's please stop the narrative that he's bad in the fourth quarter. He was really good in that quarter last season."

Before you get too upset with Prisco consider that last season he chose DeSean Jackson as the Birds' most overrated. And cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie the season before that. And cornerback Asante Samuels the season before that.

Prisco's "underrated" Eagles player this season is cornerback Brandon Boykin.

Prisco's observation:

"Who? He doesn't start, but as the nickel corner he is a key to their defense. Boykin doesn't have the size to be a full-time starter outside, but he is plenty good on the inside."

Google doodles

If you've been on Google lately, you know the site's doodles are cleverly centered around the World Cup.

The animated artwork changes several times a day. Yesterday's coolest one featured "G" kicking a soccer ball through "O," which was depicted as a life preserver hanging from a palm tree. To view all of the Google World Cup doodles go to google.com/doodles.

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