Nutter: 6ABC bleeped non-curses on July 4th

Posted: July 16, 2014

IT SEEMS Jimmy Kimmel's "This Week in Unnecessary Censorship" late-night bit has become reality on his own network, ABC.

Mayor Nutter yesterday released the findings of his analysis of the controversial language used by some artists at the Wawa Welcome America concert on July Fourth, a family-friendly event broadcast live on 6ABC.

Rapper Nicki Minaj and host Marlon Wayans, Nutter said, used inappropriate language, and Nutter apologized to viewers and concertgoers who were offended. But others, like the Roots and Ed Sheeran, edited their songs to avoid foul language and were still censored, creating the appearance that they were cursing.

Nutter said unexpected potty-mouth language early in the event, apparently from Wayans, may have made the TV station trigger-happy with the censor button, which cut out not just the audio but also the video, blacking out the screen momentarily.

He said Minaj's four expletives all occurred in the same song. Vicci Martinez's cursing was limited to one word said twice within a five-second span. Aloe Blacc and Jennifer Hudson did not use offensive language, he said.

Nutter didn't go into details on Wayans, a comedian who "clearly used inappropriate language on the stage."

As for dealing with the artists who violated "network broadcast standards," Nutter said the city would look at its options but was primarily concerned with making sure this doesn't happen in the future.

Asked if he was personally offended by Minaj's songs or performance, Nutter said: "I don't know the particular song, I don't know the lyrics in their context or what it's even communicating.

"I mean, look, I'm not a kid. I've heard all these words before in my time. My job and my responsibility is to make sure that we have a good, clean fun opportunity," Nutter said. "My personal views here are less important than making sure things like this don't happen in the future. I listen to a wide variety of artists."

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