Sandra Bullock vs. stalker: Guess who wins?

Posted: July 17, 2014

IN WHAT could have been a scene from a Hollywood thriller, Sandra Bullock had a late-night, face-to-face confrontation with a stalker in her bedroom.

The sentinels of sensationalism at TMZ said yesterday that the incident began when the box-office titan heard a noise about 1 a.m. one night last month at her Los Angeles home.

Bullock, 49, looked out her bedroom door and saw a man, later identified as Joshua Corbett, dressed in dark clothing, standing in the hallway.

Bullock slammed the door shut and dialed 9-1-1.

When the cops showed up, Corbett yelled, "Sandy, I'm sorry. Please don't press charges!" In his possession was a notebook of cutout magazine photos (we can assume of his crush) and handwritten notes for Bullock.

One of the letters, apparently referencing Bullock's adopted son, Louis, 4, read: "I will forever be thinking of you and Louie, my son, as you are my wife by law, the law of God and you belong to me and me to you." Another bore the message that Corbett forgives Bullock for "anything you may have done."

Corbett was arrested and booked on charges of residential burglary, stalking and possession of a machine gun. If convicted, he could face as much as seven years and four months in prison.

Not so tweet

When parsing the latest news from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, it's always good to know what experts are thinking. And now we know how popstress Rihanna and basketball hero Dwight Howard feel about the issue - or did before they walked back their opinions.

TMZ spies say that Rihanna deleted the following tweet a mere eight minutes after she launched it into the digiverse: "#FreePalestine."

According to the ever-popular anonymous source, the pop tart "deleted it because it was never meant to be tweeted," adding, "She didn't even realize it was a tweet until she started hearing from her fans."

The source says Rihanna was reading about the latest round of hostilities online when she clicked a link and - bam! - she found she had weighed in on the side of the Palestinians.

The same source insisted that Rihanna is not pro-Palestine or pro-Israel, but "pro-peace. She doesn't want innocent people dying."

Amazingly, an almost identical thing happened to Howard.

Last Saturday, the Houston Rocket tweeted the same hashtagged message, which he quickly un-tweeted and followed up with an apology that a powerful Jewish activist organization isn't buying.

"He should be publicly condemned as strong as Donald Sterling was," Morton Klein, the biggest macher at the Zionist Organization of America, insisted to TMZ Sports.

"Anyone who uses the phrase 'Free Palestine' is either ignorant of the situation or hates the Jewish state of Israel. It's a hateful position. Celebs have great influence. When he makes a ridiculously false statement like 'Free Palestine,' it's frightening."


* Character actor deluxe Jeff Goldblum, 61, is headed toward matrimony with Emilie Livingston, 31, who tweeted the happy news over the weekend. No official comment has issued forth from either of the lovebirds so far.

* "Tonight Show" star Jimmy Fallon celebrated his show's six Emmy nominations by treating 120 staffers to burgers and booze at Gotham eatery Bar 13. Among those at the celebration were the members of the Roots, his Philly-raised house band. Actually, Fallon took care of the drinks. The cheeseburgers and onion rings, reports, came courtesy of the nearby Pop Burger shop.

* "Saturday Night Live" has given cast member Brooks Wheelan his walking papers after just one season on the venerable NBC late-nighter. Perhaps the Brookster can take solace knowing that both Billy Crystal and Robert Downey Jr. were likewise axed from the show - not that either has been heard from much since then.

Anne Hathaway and Kristen Stewart appear dressed in drag in Jenny Lewis' new music video, "Just One of the Guys."

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