Ambler wins sweet bet between mayors on Montco's Senior Games

Posted: July 20, 2014

The "Bet" had all the elements of a wager made among titans who swagger with confidence that their towns are the best.

OK, it actually was about encouraging residents of all ages to exercise. But that's just fine when the payoff is so sweet.

And, oh, how sweet was this week's payoff.

In April, Ambler Mayor Jeanne Sorg said, she invited Jenkintown Mayor Ed Foley and Narberth Mayor Tom Grady to publicize Montgomery County's Senior Games - an annual competition promoting an active lifestyle for older residents - by making a friendly bet.

It wasn't on which of their towns would score the most medals at the games, which were held in May with events ranging from basketball foul-shooting to a 400-yard freestyle swim to doubles pickleball, which combines elements of tennis, badminton, and Ping-Pong.

Because Grady, Foley and Sorg are civic-minded, they wagered which borough would have the most residents participating in the games. The payoff's main ingredient was irony. The losers would bring treats to the winner. Ambler won.

Foley and Grady paid up Tuesday night at the Ambler Borough Council meeting. Grady brought croissants from his borough's French pastry shop, Le Petit Mitron. Foley shared cupcakes from Velvet Sky Bakery in his community. Even though she didn't have to, Sorg emphasized, she contributed goodies from Ambler Donuts

"It was great to get up to Ambler Borough," Grady said. "I love visiting other boroughs."

By the end of the night, nothing was left of the bet but crumbs. And a little bit of trash talk.

After the meeting, Foley wrote this on his Facebook page: "Mayor Jeanne Sorg of Ambler was such a gracious winner that I was really surprised that her Council took cupcakes and croissants from Mayor Tom Grady and I, and then spent 20 minutes trash talking.

"To be fair they were discussing a waste disposal contract."



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