Missing boy could be connected to body found in Pennypack Park

Posted: July 22, 2014

A BODY WAS found in Pennypack Creek yesterday afternoon, according to police.

Officials responded shortly after noon where they found the body near Rhawn street and Lexington Avenue. Although police could not confirm its identity, family members told NBC10 that the body is that of Steven Salazar, 15, of Oxford Circle.

Salazar, who police said had a history of mental illness, disappeared about 6:05 p.m. on Monday at his home on Magee Avenue near Roosevelt Boulevard. Police reported that the boy frequented Axe Factory Road near Winchester Avenue in Pennypack Park, about a mile away from where the body had been found.

His Facebook page had a "MISSING" flyer posted as Salazar's profile picture yesterday afternoon. Friends have left comments in Spanish underneath the picture while expressing hopes for his safety.

"Steven, really have no words to express how sorry . . . pray to God for the strength of you. I am with you heart," one comment directly translates to.

About 5:30 p.m., the photo eerily changed back to the same picture, this time with the "MISSING" text removed.

The Mayfair Town Watch Facebook page posted a link to the story and commented, "Our thoughts and prayers are with his family in this incredibly difficult time" that drew the response of more than 50 others showing their support.

Pennypack Park is notorious for claiming the lives of young swimmers. Last August, Sebastian Sanon, 15, was dipping his feet into the creek when he was swallowed by its raging waters. Another boy, Brandon Boyle, 13, died after jumping into the waters last July.

Its danger lies in its structure - its dams create a pool and waterfall that entice swimmers even though swimming is illegal.

There have been recent measures to provide warning to communities.

In May, Elsie Stevens, of the Holme Circle Civic Association, spoke at assemblies at Robert Pollock Elementary School, Father Judge High School and St. Jerome's Catholic School. She told kids about the creek's deadly currents, where she said its claimed 17 lives in the past two decades.

Salazar's case is still under investigation. Family members of Salazar did not respond to phone calls yesterday afternoon.

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