Diggity this list on hot dog day

Posted: July 24, 2014

TODAY IS National Hot Dog Day. And, while the rest of the nation celebrates by scarfing down a tasty wiener or two, we decided to roast a different type of hot dog: the athlete who craves attention.

Some we cheer, some we boo. It's not a definitive list. In fact, we welcome any additions you may have.

But no list would be complete without:

Terrell Owens: Situps in driveway say it all.

Chad Johnson/Chad Ochocinco: A jerk by any other name.

Johnny Manziel: A legend in his own mind.

Pete Rose: This hustler belongs in the Hall of Fame.

Bill "Spaceman" Lee: Threatened to bite ear off ump in 1975 World Series game. "I would have Van-Goghed him!" said Lee.

Mike Tyson: Actually did bite an ear off.

Luis Suarez: Another biter.

Dennis Rodman: The U.S. ambassador to North Korea is one wormy dude.

Manny Ramirez: Remember the "Call from the Wall" when he climbed inside the Green Monster and chatted on his cellphone during a pitching change?

Shaun White: He's flippin' great.

Dave "Tiger" Williams: NHL tough guy who would ride his stick like a pony after scoring a goal.

John Daly: Lives life the same way he dresses on course: wild and crazy.

Brian Wilson: The bearded wonder claimed to be a "certified ninja" and wore a spandex tuxedo at 2011 ESPYS.

Allen Iverson: Forget practice. The way he'd cup his ear to evoke applause was awesome - unless you rooted for the other team.

Mark Fidrych: One weird Bird who used to talk to the baseball.

Metta World Peace: Pacifist by name, fighter at heart.

Chi Chi Rodriquez: Above-par saber-rattler.

Jose Canseco: Everything about him is fake, including his home run total.

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