Eagles show off renovations to Lincoln Financial Field

Posted: July 28, 2014

IN FEBRUARY 2012, the Eagles started the process of revitalizing Lincoln Financial Field to give fans a better in game experience. More than 2 1/2 years and $125 million later, the renovations are "99 percent complete," according to team president Don Smolenski.

All of the work will be done before the Eagles' home opener on Sept. 7 against Jacksonville. The in-game experience at the Linc, which opened in 2003, will be much more modern, an upgrade that was much needed, Smolenski said.

"In reality, we invest in the building every year," he said. "We have invested in the building every year since it's opened, because it is our home. It is Philadelphia's home. It is our fans' home. Like your own home, you are always putting money into your home, and we are always investing in [the stadium], whether it is little things like TV's or the gates."

Since renovations began, 1,185 televisions were installed throughout the stadium, but no visual aids will be more noticeable than the video boards around the stadium.

Both end zones have been equipped with brand-new, high-definition video boards that are the highest resolution in any NFL stadium to date. The North end zone measures 27-by-192 feet, while the South end zone is 27-by-160 feet.

The stadium also has LED ribbon-board displays along each side of the field, to display stats, animations and real-time scores, and add to the overall audio/visual experience.

The club levels have new tables and chairs, and a marketplace for expanded food and beverage options. There will be tributes and banners to former and current Eagles, to be unveiled at the home opener.

Seating capacity also has been expanded by 644, bringing the total number of seats to 69,176. The additional seats are in the Northeast and Southwest corners.

Two bridges were built so fans in the upper level and the club level can go from one side of the stadium to the other.

"This has always been about our fans, the fans of Philadelphia," Smolenski said. "It is their home."

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