Eagles Notebook: McCoy, Cole scuffle at practice

DAVID MAIALETTI / STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER LeSean McCoy catches a pass during training camp yesterday at NovaCare.
DAVID MAIALETTI / STAFF PHOTOGRAPHER LeSean McCoy catches a pass during training camp yesterday at NovaCare.
Posted: July 29, 2014

SOMETIMES WHEN we touch, the honesty's too much . . .

LeSean McCoy has probably never heard that 1977 Dan Hill song, and he is much better for it, since it regularly earns a high spot in polls ranking the worst-ever lyrics.

But McCoy had an issue with being touched yesterday by his Eagles teammate and buddy, Trent Cole, after McCoy became the 879th running back, by unofficial Daily News count, to elude the second-day training-camp pass coverage of a pursuing linebacker. Some Eagles described the touch as more of a hard bump, in what was supposed to be a noncontact session.

The NFL's 2013 leading rusher went right at the man who ranks second in sacks only to Reggie White in Eagles franchise history. They were separated, then McCoy tried to reignite the fray, before calm finally was restored.

"That wasn't nothing, just two friends going at it," McCoy said afterward. "The whole camp so far, it's been touching a little bit too much. I'm trying to let him know, 'It's OK if you can't cover me. It's OK.' We're just battling, that's all. We'll go in this locker room area, talk it out, joke it out. It was nothing . . . That's actually one of my good friends . . . We're really like brothers. It's just part of football."

Cole brushed off questions.

Other highlights from Shady's first media session of camp:

* McCoy said Darren Sproles "has the best feet I've ever seen."

* "It is different, it's definitely different" holding camp without Michael Vick or DeSean Jackson, McCoy said. "Different personalities . . . a guy like Nick [Foles], he's becoming a big star, he's not big on the attention. Nick's a guy, he'll throw for seven touchdowns, and he doesn't want or expect to get a pat on the back or a slap on the butt. He's just doing his job. Other guys are more - have that 'star' thing to 'em. Like Mike. Mike's been in the spotlight for so long, it comes with the territory. He can have a terrible game, but the star status is going to come with it."

Earlier, Jeremy Maclin was asked what more McCoy can do, after setting the franchise record last season with 1,607 rushing yards and becoming the first Eagles running back since Steve Van Buren to lead the NFL in both rushing and scrimmage yards (2,146).

"Keep rewriting the history books, man. Keep rewriting the Philadelphia Eagles history books . . . I think he's on a pace to do that," Maclin said. "I think he's the best running back in the NFL. What he does when he has the ball, not many people can do that."

Maclin said McCoy's best attribute is his vision. (Some people might say cutback ability, but obviously, part of that is vision.)

"I don't think people who don't play football understand how fast the game is and how reactive it is to play - how much of this game relies on how you react to things," Maclin said. "I think he does that very, very well, probably the best in the NFL."

Camp Sights * 

Strong leap and catch by Quron Pratt (from Palmyra, N.J.), elevating for a Mark Sanchez pass.

* G.J. Kinne sprinted out and lasered a pass to Josh Huff at the right sideline.

* Matt Barkley connected with Kadron Boone on a long bomb down the left side.

* There was no hitting, since the players weren't wearing pads. That will change today, when camp switches to Lincoln Financial Field. Admission is free. HeadHouse Plaza opens at 10 a.m., gates to seating area at 11, for practice starting at 12:15. You'll get a scratch-off ticket, and if it's a winner, you can choose to either get player autographs or take pictures from the field. This will be the first look for fans at the Linc's facelift, including the new HD and LED stuff.

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