Man charged with choking 2 women in West Phila. robberies

Andre Taylor
Andre Taylor (Philadelphia Police Department)
Posted: August 01, 2014

A 33-year-old man was arrested after police said he choked a woman visiting from New York with twine and wire in a botched robbery attempt Wednesday in West Philadelphia.

Andre Taylor, who lives at a halfway house in East Falls, also was implicated in a similar choking attack on another woman Sunday, said Lt. John Walker of Southwest Detectives.

About 12:40 p.m., the woman, 29, who was visiting friends in University City, was walking on 45th Street and passed Taylor, then turned west on Larchwood Avenue, Walker said.

She heard footsteps behind her and then, suddenly, was being choked from behind, Walker said. Though she struggled for air, she fought back and was released.

She screamed for help, and nearby police responded and arrested Taylor. Officers recovered a 30-inch length of twine and a 40-inch piece of white wire.

Police linked Taylor to a Sunday robbery in which a 27-year-old Philadelphia woman at 46th Street and Larchwood was grabbed from behind and choked with her earphone cords, Walker said.

The woman passed out briefly. When she regained consciousness, Taylor demanded money and was given $7 before he fled, Walker said.

Taylor is charged in both cases with attempted murder, robbery, and related offenses.

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