Camden Council interviews Parking Authority candidates

Posted: August 07, 2014

It's been a bit like a game of musical chairs at Camden's Parking Authority lately. On Tuesday night, City Council members interviewed and introduced four potential candidates to fill two vacant seats on the authority's board of commissioners.

Three of the candidates under consideration - to be voted on at a public meeting next Tuesday - thought they already had the volunteer positions last month when Council passed a resolution appointing them. The same resolution also removed the board chairman, Angel L. Alamo, after it was discovered he was also working for the city.

But after Alamo sued over his removal, Council asked the state to veto the resolution, which included the new appointments, and Alamo returned to work. He has since quit his city job.

On Tuesday night, Council members interviewed Councilman Arthur Barclay's recommended candidates: Jose Martinez Jr., a former commissioner of the housing authority, and Shaneka M. Boucher, a family outreach director at Camden Community Charter School.

Also interviewed were Councilwoman Dana Burley's recommendation, Shelia Davis, president of Lanning Square West and a recipient of Mayor Dana L. Redd's 2012 "Women of Purpose" award, and Michael B. Jordan, who is seeking reappointment after his term expired in September 2013.

The five-member commission is appointed by Council and oversees the work of the independent authority. The authority has the power to issue bonds and file lawsuits, and is a major player in Camden development projects.

Another somewhat new face at the authority is Marc Riondino, Camden's chief counsel, whom the authority appointed to serve as its attorney as well.

Camden's municipal code prohibits the city attorney "from holding outside employment." The law came from an April 2010 ordinance signed by Riondino himself. But city spokesman Robert Corrales said Riondino's unpaid position with the authority is not considered "outside employment."

"There is no conflict," Corrales said. "The city attorney providing legal assistance to another governmental entity that does work on behalf of the city, such as the Parking Authority, is not outside employment."

The state does not prohibit such dual appointments.

Also introduced at Tuesday's meeting was a resolution to appoint Doreen Chang city treasurer, replacing the previous treasurer, who retired in January.

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