Undercover cops nab violent fugitive burglar

Posted: August 11, 2014

MARY ANN McHenry slept peacefully last night, confident that the man accused of brutally beating her was behind bars.

"This is such a relief," she said. "Part of my stress was not knowing where he was, or how close to me he was."

Those fears were valid: According to a federal official, plainclothes police officers picked up Kenneth Todd, McHenry's alleged attacker, on Spruce Street near 13th, about a block away from where police say he beat her to unconsciousness during a July 25 home invasion.

The officers made the arrest late Thursday after recognizing Todd from his mug shot, which had been widely distributed by law-enforcement officials.

Todd, 47, was charged yesterday with aggravated assault, robbery, burglary and related offenses in that incident, said Tasha Jamerson, a spokeswoman for the District Attorney's Office.

The career criminal, with a long rap sheet that includes multiple arrests for aggravated assault, robbery and other violent offenses, was released from prison on July 3, but never reported to his parole officer, officials said.

Two weeks later, he allegedly broke into the house next to McHenry's while the professional dog-walker was watching the home for its vacationing owner.

He attacked her, leaving her in a bloody heap on the floor before making off with a MacBook, according to McHenry.

Todd also faces burglary, criminal trespass and related charges for another incident on that block that he allegedly committed two days before attacking McHenry, according to Jamerson.

He remained in custody last night on $2 million bail, according to court records.

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