Letters: When, exactly, did racism vanish?

Posted: August 22, 2014

IN RESPONSE to Robert Bryan's remarks concerning black people "crying" racism: What planet do you live on? Better yet, what country?

After 300 years of slavery followed by 100 years of segregation and discrimination, do you think racism magically disappeared after the 1964 Civil Rights Act?

Let's fast-forward to current events. It appeared, after the election of the first African-American president, that we had moved to a postracial era. Hardly, with the racial and derogatory terms used against him and the apparent lack of respect throughout Congress toward him. This historical event has been mired in hate-filled actions and has spawned extremist groups that did not exist under any other presidents. The reason you have never heard whites or others decry racism at the hands of police is because you probably can't name three incidents in which a black police officer brutalized or killed an unarmed white young man. We have had that many occurrences in one week.

The bigger question to be asked is: When will people like yourself accept our growing diversity, tolerate those who do not necessarily look like you and show some concern to the plight of all victims in our country?

Michael LeVere


Send out the clowns

The circus has come to town!

It's in Ferguson, Mo., tonight, but could be in your town in a flash of a muzzle! After all, it's really just a circus, complete with the usual clowns coming out from everywhere for the big show!

Funny, you never see these clowns doing anything to help better the situation or give us answers to the problems we face as a melting pot of people born with different shades and status. No, they just appear when the circus tent is set up and the lights are shining. They holler loud with righteous indignation and fists of outrage to get our collective attention. Of course they do, because we love cake and circuses. But they never really give us any viable solutions to the division and injustice they so despise but revel in as the lights shine brightest, especially during the 6 and 11 o'clock newscasts.

I wonder if we will ever stop letting the clowns speak for us, about us, as they divide us just to keep their respective jobs. It has now come time to bring honest, rational discussion about our problems of class struggle, race, education, poverty and wealth and place it on the table in all its ugly nakedness. We must work it out as a family of Americans to become the enlightened nation we strive to be, and move forward . . . not just when the media circus comes to town!

David J. Dougherty


What Kunstler wrought

James Howard Kunstler's op-ed asks the question, "Should America let Iraq implode?" The answer is no.

Iraq belongs to the U.S. We earned it with our blood and treasure. We deposed an evil dictator and his equally evil sons, and ended the threat they posed to the world. America must always maintain a presence in the world with our military bases, or chaos will be the result.

Iraq is a perfect example. President Obama has fulfilled his campaign promise to pull all the troops out of the region, and the result is the first terror state in existence, with ISIS in control of Iraq's oil fields, tanks, weapons, wealth and Saddam's WMD stockpiles, as well. ISIS is now committing genocide on Christian and Yazidi Kurds, and its next target is the U.S. and Israel.

The bottom line is this: You don't let Iraq implode because ISIS's ultimate goal is to destroy America and her allies. What you do is stop them with unlimited airstrikes that will either destroy them completely or force their complete surrender. President Nixon did this with B-52 bombers, to end the war in Vietnam. His Operation Linebacker II on Christmas unleashed airstrikes on Hanoi that finally forced the North Vietnamese to sign the peace treaty. President Obama's limited airstrikes will not stop the slaughter of innocent Kurds.

War is not a game. If you decide to fight, you fight to win, or you don't fight at all. The president must wake up to the reality that his foreign policy apathy has caused a near holocaust, and the only solution is for the U.S. military to unleash an airborne holocaust of its own, on the evil that is ISIS.

Stuart Caesar


As Winston Churchill once observed, "A fanatic is one who can't change his mind and won't change the subject."

Don't you folks on the DN Editorial Board ever get weary of James Howard Kunstler and his strange belief (expressed in each column he writes) that the reason for everything that happens in the world is that we're going to run out of oil any minute now?

Michael Kubacki


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